Butler-Haslem-Spoelstra dustup on heat bench part of Ugly Knight in 118-104 lost to Shorthand Warriors

The worst moment of the Miami Heat season came early in the second half of Wednesday night’s 118-104 loss at the FTX Arena, and it concerned much more than the Golden State Warriors’ 19-0 third quarter start.

In the midst of that surge of shorthand Warriors, Heat forward Jimmy Butler and Heat captain Udonis Haslem got into an argument that both had to be stopped, as did coach Erik Spoelstra during a 3:21 timeout in the second half.

Haslem was put back by center bomb Adebayo, Butler was put back by center Dwayne Deadmon and Spoelstra was pointed to the side by forward Markif Morris,

The Heat coaches hated Butler and what was happening, pointing a hard finger at Butler.

As the Heat rallied and forced a Golden State timeout, Haslem did not approach the obstacle in his typical fashion during the next break, planted at the end of the rest of the bench.

From there the Heat rallied, on a night it was surprising a rally was needed, as the Warriors held Drummond Green, Klay Thompson, Otto Porter for the rest of the second night of back-to-back sets, which ended Tuesday. The night of was opened with. Road damage to the Orlando Magic. And he was already out with a leg injury to Warriors guard Stephen Curry.

But that wasn’t enough, another bad loss in a bad week.

It was a game similar to the Heat’s Monday Night road loss for a Philadelphia 76ers team that lacked Joel Embiid and James Harden, both of whom were also laid to rest.

Amid Wednesday’s mayhem, Kyle Lowry led the heats with 16 points, with Adebayo scoring 25 and Jimmy Butler scoring 20.

Five degrees of heat from Wednesday’s game:

1. Completion Time: The Heat took a brief one-point lead early in the fourth quarter, but the Warriors then staged a pushback that took them to a 96-88 lead with 5:46 to play.

Later, a 3-pointer from Jordan Poole propelled the Warriors to a 4:22 lead to lead 105-95.

From there, as the second half began, the Heat exploded, with the 37-point Warriors shooting Golden State in the fourth quarter to .647.

2. Wild Hammock: The heat went down from a 50-50 tie at halftime to 69-50 at the start of the third period, a 19-0 run at Golden State’s longest game of the season, with Curry, Thompson and Greene available.

In the wake of the Butler-Haslem incident, the Heat rallied within 81–80 going into the fourth quarter.

After scoring 10 in the second period, Lowry boosted the Heat’s return by scoring nine in the third.

3. Stepping Up: Lowry was again on the offensive with his offense, including his 10 points in the second quarter, when he shot 4 for 4 off the field.

He then settled the Heat in the wake of Heslam-Butler in the third period, with his sixth assist helping the Heat briefly take the lead at the start of the fourth.

Lowry’s 22nd point was the 15,000th point of his career.

4. Oladipo Opportunities: Viktor Oladipo’s reverse driving layout with 9:22 in the second period may be the most exciting moment of this latest comeback, a play built with purpose, power and poise.

The heat bench was led 13–0 by the Warriors bench, until the driving layout by Oladipo.

With Tyler Harrow out due to a knee pain, it was a moment that needed statements from Oladipo, who had missed the last two games due to a back spasm.

With Gabe Vincent missing the second game in a row due to a knee pain, Oladipo entered the point guard at the start.

Oladipo’s initial stint lasted 10:21, the longest period of his return.

Such was the confidence in Oladipo that he returned with 3:45 remaining, having already played 18 minutes at that stage.

5. 3-For all: At 3-pointers from January 6 of 4 at 3-pointers, Butler opened 2 for 2 from beyond the arc.

Butler scored as many 3-pointers in a game for the first time since the Heat’s January 3 loss at Golden State and finished fourth this season with as many 3-pointers.

From there, Butler settled into his own distinctive attacking style.


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