buyer? Seller? Marlins not sure as to trade deadline

MIAMI (AP) — The Miami Marlins can be sellers. They can be buyers. They have no idea.

Marlins general manager Kim Ng said Saturday night that she is taking calls and fielding ahead of Major League Baseball’s trade deadline, but no move — either receiving players or sending them out — is pending. Huh.

“Listen, I’m not sure we’re going to make some big deal,” Ng said. “It should be about the value that is coming back. It should be about the future as well as today. So I can’t say anything is imminent at the moment.”

The trading deadline is Tuesday. Miami’s scheduled start on Sunday against the New York Mets is right-hander Pablo Lopez, who has been the subject of several trade rumours.

Ng clarified: The Marlins are not buying Lopez. But he also made it clear that the Marlins are listening.

“I think a deal that really helps us has to present itself,” Ng said. “We are not looking to transfer Pablo. But, as I have said before, we are listening on all fronts. We have to make the club even better.”

The Marlins haven’t spent a day for the first time since August 16, 2020. Apart from a few random April days, they haven’t seen a first place in the regular 162-game season since June 2014.

Unless a late-season rally takes place, this season will mark the 12th time in the past 13 years that the Marlins will end with a losing record. The exception was the 2020, pandemic-shortened season, when Miami went 31–29 and made the extended playoffs.

And with this year’s 12-team playoffs — three wild cards coming from both the AL and NL — the Marlins aren’t exactly out of the race. He started six games on Saturday from the third NL wild-card spot. Analytics website FanGraph calculated its playoff odds at 1.7%.

“I think that’s an outside shot, a very outside shot,” Ng said.

Marlins manager Don Mattingly added: “For us, it’s something that we talk about a lot. It’s something that’s realistic. It’s doable. … We’re going to play with some teams that are in front of us. All that stuff is doable.”

The Marlins have to be healthy if there’s any chance.

He made his injury-list debut with 18 players on Saturday. And of the 11 players who have made more than 200 plate appearances for the team this season, five are currently sidelined, a list that includes Garrett Cooper, George Soler, All-Stars Jazz Chisholm, John Bertie and Brian Anderson. .

All the missing players only add to the challenge of deciding whether to buy or sell now.

“I think that makes it really complicated,” Ng said. “The first month of the season, we were 12-8. And I think it was a pretty good barometer in terms of what the team was able to do. We took a really bad hit in May. That was a terrible month. But since then, we’ve been really fine. So it was a bad month that really set us back and we’ve been trying to regroup ever since. ,

Mattingly said he hopes a warmer season of late may still carry Miami into the postseason.

“We have been able to put together some victories. We have shown that,” Mattingly said. “If we can warm up then these are the last few months as a team. We just have to have this mindset, keep going, Keep fighting.”


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