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California Public High School boys defecate on a teacher’s LGBTQ flag.

In fresh clashes over LGBTQ Pride flags at public schools, two boys at Paso Rubles High School in California posted a video of themselves surrendering to a science teacher’s classroom banner and then took it down the toilet. Tried to push.

The San Luis Obespo Tribune reported on October 8 that science teacher Evan Holtz chased the boys down the hall, after they screamed when they were suddenly seen tearing a rainbow flag 3 feet 5 feet from their wall. Class in mid-September

When a video surfaced on the boys’ tic-tac-toe attempts to surrender to the flag, fellow students warned school and district administrators, who took “disciplinary action” against the boys and removed the video. Given

“It was definitely an act of hatred by the LGBTQ community,” Jeffrey Land, a social science teacher, told the Tribune. “And a lot of the students felt it, you know, felt the attack very strongly.”

According to the newspaper, most students were unaware of the incident until the superintendent of the Paso Rubles Joint Unified School District sent a memo to teachers on October 1, asking them to fly flags larger than 2 feet by 2 feet. Remove As part of a new policy to depoliticise classrooms, the footsteps and all “American flag change” from their classrooms.

“We don’t want to turn it into a political issue where a student enters the classroom and looks up, ‘Oh, here’s a rainbow flag, or here’s a Blue Lives meter flag – that’s what Determines what my teacher’s bias is … ‘We think it’s a real slippery slope.’ ‘And so we continue to believe that this is a very reasonable compromise solution that allows the rainbow. , But within reason. ”

The incident comes at a time when public school districts across the country, sometimes affected by parental complaints, have banned flags of pride as “political speeches” that infuriated some of their students. Is.

In an Oct. 7 article for the Oct. 19 website, Orion Romler reported that school districts in Utah, Oregon, Missouri, Florida, and Indiana have banned flags of pride since the start of the current school year.

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