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Call back fire at the beginning of the first lance.

Glendale, Aries.

Pass Office: D +

Tree Lance’s opening drive ended with an interruption, and the fourth down pass was turned to seal the fate of the 49ers. Through Debo Samuel, Brendan Iowa and Muhammad Sanu, its recipients did not help with several drops. Mike McGillivray played with an early ankle injury and had one of the most difficult outings of the season, including two of the team’s five penalties. Samuel caught 3 of 9 goals but he scored his lone touchdown (on one run).

Running: b.

Lance’s 16 carries (89 yards) were as many as Colin Caprink’s 181-yard playoff win over Green Bay. Lance mixed improvised runs with designed keepers and zone reading options, and his ability to get out of the jam can convince Kylie Shane to place him as a starter on Jimmy Garopolo. Elijah Mitchell’s return had some runs but also some quick stops.

Pass Defense: B +

Here’s a popular story, with some early sacks (DJ Jones, Nick Bosa) through a late reception, the most important Dander Hopkins capturing 30 yards and a touchdown of 9 yards for winning points. Josh Norman and Emmanuel Moseley had mixed results. Limiting Keller Murray to 239 yards and a touchdown was really respectable, the pressure made it even more possible, including some of Eric Armstrong and Talanova Hofanga.

Run Defense: B +

The most damaging dramas came from Rondel Moore’s 26-yard run with tackles, and James Connor’s upcoming touchdown. Fred Warner had a team of high nine tackles. Nick Bosa had two losses.

Special teams: c.

Shane did not show confidence in new kicker Joey Sully until he had 4 minutes left to call him for a 47-yard field goal. Brendan Ioque’s return to the pound was interesting, as he let one pound go to 6 and his biggest contribution came through the Cardinals’ penalty when his helmet fell off. None of the Cardinals’ four kickoffs were returned, so Trenton Cannon avoided repeating the troubles of the last game.

Coaching: D.

Going from 1 to 5 on the dramas below the fourth ruined the game, although Kill Shane defended his calls and blamed poor execution for their failures. Didn’t you expect more wizardry and creativity for the Lance-based game plan? Half the crowd were fans of the 49ers, some of whom shouted “Fire Kill!” Slogans. Coming out of the stadium, which is crappy because he is a great coach but one who is quickly and accurately testing the patience of the fan base.

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