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Can we stop calling our heavy military spending a “defense” budget?

Too bad the mainstream news media call the Pentagon’s budget a “defense” budget. But the fact that progressives in Congress and even many anti-workers do the same is an indication of how deeply ingrained the mentality of the country’s war-torn state is in American political culture.

The Department of Defense’s misleading first name does not justify using “defense” as an adjective for its budget. In contrast, the ubiquitous use of phrases such as “defense budget” and “defense spending” – almost always written with a small case “d” – reinforces the misconception that US military operations are accompanied by defense. Harmonizes

In the real world, America. Spends more Money on your army compared to the next 10 countries. And Most of these countries The military is an ally

What will happen to military bases in foreign countries? The United States has it now. 750, While Russia is about. Two dozen And China has. One. The author of the historical book “Base Nation”, American University Professor David Wayne wrote only one. Reports “The United States has at least three times as many foreign bases as any other country,” it said. At US bases abroad, it “costs taxpayers an estimated 55 55 billion a year.”

As soon as this autumn began, wine. Note That President Biden is continuing “America’s never-ending wars” in nations including “Iraq, Syria, Somalia and Yemen” while “military build-up with Australia and Britain has escalated war-like tensions with China.” have been.”

Is all this being done through a “defense” budget?

Calling George Orwell.

As Orwell wrote in 1946. Essay writing, Political language “designed to make lies true and murder respectable and to make pure air a form of solidarity.” In 2021, the hot air blowing on Gail Force through the American media is so constant that we can hardly think of anything else. But pleasant things will hardly mean anything to those in distant lands. Terrible and deadly drone strikes And other ingredients American air wars It’s about life and death, not political language.

You might consider the August 29 Pentagon assassination. 10 Afghan citizens, including seven children.You can see numbers like 244,124-a, “honor killing” with drone strikes, or negligent killings, or just “suicide damage”. Reliable low end estimate The number of civilians killed directly during the “war on terror” in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq – and consider them merely representing data points or people whose lives are as precious as yours.

But at any rate, from the point of view of the United States, it is a far cry to claim that the billions of dollars spent on the ongoing war in many countries are in a budget that can be legally called “defense.”

Until 1947, the official name of the US government’s Central Military Agency was the Department of War. After a two-year transitional brand (called the National Military Establishment), it was renamed the Department of Defense in 1949. As it turned out, Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” was published the same year, telling the story of eternity. An authoritarian government in war with double-spoke slogans such as “War is peace”.

Today, the Department of Defense is a properly capitalized proper name. But the official name of the department does not make it true. Call it Big and growing budget A “defensive” budget is nothing short of an internal corruption of language that weakens our ability to think clearly and speak directly. Although such bad language cannot be blamed for the existence of bad thinking and degrading speech, it does facilitate regular degrading thinking and degrading speech.

Let’s blow the language fog. The Pentagon’s budget is not a “defense” budget.

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