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Capital rioters tried to defend themselves in court – and indulged in two more serious crimes.

When a capital rioter decided to represent himself in court, the judge warned him that his testimony could lead to additional charges and he would be sent back to prison. Unfortunately, the judge was right for the defendant.

According to WUSA-9, Brendan Fellows. When he testified before U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden, he was convicted and sent back to prison.

Prior to the fellows’ testimony, McFadden made it clear that lying – and possibly obstructing justice – could cause more problems than ever before. But despite the warning, the fellows were allowed to proceed. “Most people don’t,” U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden told Fellows. “Obviously, your lawyer discouraged him. I don’t think that’s a good idea … but I will let you take a stand if you want. ”

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At his bond hearing on Tuesday, October 12, Fellows asked his former public defender, Cara Halorson, to stand as a witness so that he could explain a so-called legal flaw on which he disqualified McFadden from overseeing the case. Was declared. When the request was rejected by the judge, the Fellows made a fuss when they detailed the legal advice of the petition to remove McFadden from Helverson. Halorson told him an operation was illegal.

Fellows said he asked Halorsson if he should contact McFadden’s family to disqualify him from presiding over his case. He also said he told Halorsson his horror. – About a previous occasion in which he deliberately entered a phone number to another judge’s wife to get a new judge as an emergency liaison. In this case, the judge was replaced with another. ۔ ”

For about two hours, the fellows allegedly wandered around as they shared their endless complaints about life behind bars. However, the turning point came when Assistant U.S. Attorney Mona First questioned the fellows.

WUSA-9. Reports that First managed to get Fellows sworn in – “that he climbed into the capital through a broken window without police permission, that he used the former judge’s wife’s contact information to He had tried to withdraw from the case and was denied a mental health and drug testing appointment by a court order. ”

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