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Capone’s goods fetch at least 3 million at auction.

CHICAGO (AP) – El Capone may have died about 75 years ago, but his apparent interest in the Chicago gangster is very much alive as some of his most valuable assets were auctioned off for at least ڈالر 3 million over the weekend. ۔

The Chicago Tribune reports. CaponeHis family sold many. of that Goods, including those that were billed. of that Favorite gun at auction in California, where. of that Three living granddaughters are alive.

The event, dubbed “A Century of Infamy: The State of El Capone”, was held at a private club in Sacramento and attracted nearly 1,000 registered bidders, including 150. Who personally attended the four-hour-long event.

Items up for auction included a bear-shaped hammock, as well as diamond jewelry and some family photos. Proved to be the most popular item. CaponeFavorite kid’s .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol, which went for 860,000.

Most buyers’ identities were kept private. But the one whose name has surfaced is Kevin Nagley, a Sacramento investor and business owner. Some of the items that once belonged to “Scarface” Capone That They A decorative comic and an 18 carat yellow gold and platinum belt buckle were purchased for $ 120,000.

CaponeThe story is well-known, thanks to massive movies, television shows and books about mobs. Called the People’s Enemy No. 1 after the “Valentine’s Day Massacre” of 1929, in which seven members of a rival bootlegger gang were shot dead in a parking garage. Capone In 1934, he was convicted of income tax evasion. They He spent 11 years in Alcatraz, a federal prison in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, and died in 1947 of a heart attack at his home in Florida. They And of that The comrades are believed to have planned the massacre years ago.

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