Care Tips, How to Plant and Best Seeds

Viola X Vitrokiana, which is usually known by the name of the pen, there are short-term perennial flowers.

Started in the 1800s, flowers come in a wide range of colors and are ideal for planters, hanging baskets, borders, and window boxes. They can be applied as a group or can be mixed with other plants.

David Jennings, Garden Street design expert, describes pansies as “one of the easiest flowers to grow.”

They told newsweek: “While there are many different colors and breeds to choose from, the way you grow and care for them doesn’t change.

“It gives you the confidence to choose the colors and style you love, without worrying that developing one might be more difficult than the other.”

And while flowers are known to be attractive, it may surprise some people to learn that the waters are edible, too.

Jennings said: “Pansies can be added on top of a variety of dishes to complement your diet, such as salads. The entirety of the plant can be eaten, so don’t worry about separating the leaves on the flower.

“If you bought your pansies from a garden center rather than growing them from seed, it is not recommended that you eat them. This is because pesticides may have been used on or near the pansies and Consumption can be harmful. “

Read on to learn some top pansies growing tips from the experts.

plant seeds

Pancrey is perennials which are popular to add a splash of color in pot and border display
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Sow the seeds in good quality seed compost from May through July, suggests Angela Slater, horticulturist at Hayes Garden World, for winter flowering pansies.

He said newsweek: “Sprinkle the seed slim on the surface, then keep the seed tray in water until the surface should not be moist.

“Keep at a moderate temperature until germination. If temperature or moisture levels fluctuate, it can cause seeds to fail to germinate.”

Prick out

Multicolor pencil flower
Pansies are one of the easiest flowers to grow
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Once the shoots are growing strongly and have formed their first pair of true leaves — not the first pair after germination — slowly prune individual cells into the potting compost.

The slater said: “As long as they are ready to plant the garden, place a cold and lightweight.”

Planting out

Orange pencils blossom
If possible, the panny requires a sunny place, preferably at least six hours in the day
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Pansies can be planted in their final position once they have produced six to eight leaves and become strong plants.

Slater said: “Use a good quality multi-purpose peat-free compost when planting in containers.

“If planting in the ground, dig up some fresh compost beforehand or add some well-rotted field compost to your beds and borders as mulch in early autumn.”

Planting position

    Red Viola Flower Close Up
Pencus can be added to many types of dishes for your diet supplement
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If possible, the panny requires a sunny place, preferably at least six hours in the day.

The slater said: “If the situation is very shady, they will not create so many flowers.”


Purple purple pench
Try to Keep the Pansies Slightly Moist
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Just keep them moist; If they are too wet, they will start to rot. In winter they will not need much water, if it has been dry for a long time then just a little bit.

The slater said: “Keep removing dead ends because it will be encouraged to keep them flowing.”

Insect and disease

In winter, all pests that bother pansies in summer will hibernate.
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In winter, all the pests that bother them in summer will be hibernating.

The slater said: “Fungi, which is the result of being very dry in summer, there will be no problem in winter.”