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Characters: Clean Energy | The cost of pollution.

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The CPUC needs to do more.
Promoting clean energy.

Here we go again. Oil on our shores from Huntington Beach to Dana Point. The beaches are closed for weeks to months. Seals covered in oil. Dead birds and fish. Wet areas were destroyed. The smell of oil spreads in the air.

Our climate is in crisis. Let’s do our best to implement green energy. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) should promote solar energy, not utility. Remember, solar oil on the roof does not spill, does not destroy our ancient coastlines, does not injure or kill marine life, and does not destroy habitat.

Now is the time for Government Gavin Newsom to stand up for California. Focusing on continued support for the utility of the CPUC rather than working best for California and the climate.

We don’t need more fossil fuel plants. We need more alternative, green energy sources to save our planet. We have the power to end this vicious cycle. Let’s use it

Rebecca Elliott
With juice

The only way to reduce pollution
There is a charge for this

Imagine a world without oil. Imagine being able to take a deep breath and enjoy the sweet smell of autumn without car smoke and smog. Draw a picture of the removal of stained landscape from open pit coal mines. Think of denying the Saudis and Russians billions of dollars a year in oil sales.

We can do it. Let’s put a brake on global warming and speed up the transition to clean air – let’s tax fossil fuels and increase them year by year and reduce emissions to zero. Just imagine – and then act. Ask our members of Congress to pay the price for pollution.

Martin Delson
With juice

Voters have to work.
To avoid bad choices

I read with frustration that Cindy Chavez has already been named “early front runner” in next year’s San Jose Merel race, according to a survey by the San Jose Police Officers Association, a political special interest group. Not as (“The mayor wants to remove the hopeful label,” October 2, 2021)

At the same time, there have been articles highlighting Chavez and downplaying other candidates. Efforts have been made to recycle those old candidates who have invested heavily in them. Hopefully, San Jose voters have learned from past local elections and will insist on listening directly to candidates’ debates, instead of having special interest groups and the media deciding for us who is the last. Who will win and who will win. Refusing to respond to any poll would be a good start.

Melania Dowano
With juice

There are candidates.
There is a need to rein in PG&E.

Again “Is there anyone who can crack down on PG&E?Page A12, October 3:

The answer is yes. I can think of many candidates working for CPUC.

They are both brilliant and knowledgeable about the workings of the state’s most powerful agency. They are smart and tough but they also have empathy and personality who stand up to the harsh critics while listening to the cries of outsiders. I intend to send my recommendations to Government Gavin Newsom and hope that they will consider a wide range of candidates and not make hasty decisions.

Let’s face it: cracking on PG&E is one thing, but CPUC also controls transportation, telecommunications and water in California. These are all hot topics and it is people’s business to move CPUC forward.

Susan Carotres.
With juice

First of all for the safety of the people.
Respondents should be vaccinated.

Reply to letter dated 5 OctoberDo not force the police or anyone to vaccinate., “Page A6), you have the choice not to take a shot. You have no choice but to avoid the consequences of your actions.

First responders cannot protect and serve without immunizations. More and more goodness compels him.

Richard Jacinto
With juice

California is moving forward.
Protecting patients’ privacy

As a Bay Area pathologist, with a doctor. Brenda Bone, Haley Miller, Susan Lang, Serena Liu and Brent Monsore praised the passage of the California legislation. AB 1184., Which protects the privacy of individuals seeking sensitive health care services. We care for people who support abortion care, contraception, screening and management of sexually transmitted infections, gender confirmation care, substance abuse treatment and mental health All of these people are probably the primary policyholders of your health plan, such as parents or spouses

We have seen patients drop out of health care services, delay care or pay out of pocket for fear of personal health information being shared against their will. As physicians, we grieve for those who have been harmed without this protection in the past.

Our goal is to raise awareness among providers and patients about this new legislation. The people of California are proud that we continue to be leaders in reproductive health care and hope that other states will follow suit.

Dr. Andrea Henkel
Stanford University
Palo Alto.

The nation can bear it.
Spending on families

George W. Bush’s tax cuts. $ 1.6 trillion. And Donald Trump’s tax cuts. 9 1.9 trillion. That’s the equivalent of 3.5 3.5 trillion, which is close to President Biden’s search. Make better plans..

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