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Irresponsible candidate.
Not good for SJ Meyer.

Regarding the election of a new mayor next yearMayoral candidates want to use labels.One of the problems that never gets better is the homeless garbage situation.

The problem of homeless camps and the accompanying garbage continues in District 6. San Jose City Councilwoman Dave Davis has no business running for mayor because she doesn’t seem to be handling the issue. No one is asking him to solve the homeless problem. This is a separate issue, however, as the accumulation of garbage around our area is a health hazard and also a visual impairment. When a complaint is made to his office, we are told that it is a calcareous problem. If so, it needs to work better with them or come up with a different solution.

Until that issue gets any meaningful attention, I will vote against Dev Davis, and I urge my neighbors in District 6 to do the same.

Lane Kumar
With juice

The state deserves better.
From Government Newsroom

In July, Gov. Newswom made California the first state to make vaccination or testing mandatory for all state workers, according to the Friday, October 1 newspaper, when the Prison Guards Union (in memory of their largest donors) One) also dated. Newsroom Cave (“Newsom bowed to the prison guards’ union.Thankfully, Judge John Tiger threw Newsom under the bus. It was the wreckage of a train.

On Saturday, October 2, the front page of the newsroom stated that schools would need to be vaccinated.Newsroom: Schools need vaccinations.Seriously, Gavin Newsom is desperate for our state, and he is not fit to be governor. There will be interference. Why not Newsom? I am a lifelong Democrat, and we need to vote for it because we deserve better. Tsk, tsk, Newsom.

Michael McWalters.

Police Communications
Must be open to the public.

Again “Newsom should sign the bill, protect news reporters., ”Page A6, September 29:

We need legislation so that local authorities keep their radio communications secret and available to the public to listen to, except when there is an urgent need for security.

Until last year, California residents have always been allowed to listen to police and drive on scanners. We have a right to know what is happening in our community all the time and the police can be held accountable. Confidentiality of communication prevents surveillance and accountability.

Jim Whiskey
With juice

Fast Facebook.
The top must be rebuilt

Again “Even well-intentioned algorithms can be harmful., “Page C7, October 1:

In light of the new revelations about Facebook’s operating procedures, it is time to call for an immediate change in the management of the major social media company.

We cannot allow such a great power to wander wildly on the planet and have so much influence on all of us if their goals are not completely prudent. Money alone cannot be the sole purpose of their eyes. The welfare of mankind must come first in their minds. A corporate culture devoid of human emotion and empathy is useless to everyone. We’ve let Jenny out of the bottle for a long time, and now it’s time to rule this beast before there’s any more damage.

All social media giants should have a responsibility that if they are allowed to remain in our world, they should not be harmed in the first place. Nothing less should be tolerated.

Michael Alvarado
With juice

Returning the forces of war.
Congress is relieved.

After 20 years of costly and deadly war in Afghanistan, it is clear that our government needs to do better to make decisions about the war. (“The Congress must regain its fighting powers.Letter to the Editor, page A6, October 1)

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