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Characters: Military Budget | COVID policy

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Congress should slash.
Increased military budget

US nuclear weapons and military budgets have increased dramatically. Under Donald Trump And sick, will grow again Under Joe Biden. But this year’s check has not yet been signed by Congress.

Now is a good time to get to the horns of Sense. Why are they growing? The United States is moving to promote the envelope. Development of new nuclear weapons, An important one here in the Bay Area. In the Livermore Lab -W87-1 Warhead. The entire Bay Area sits in the Livermore Lab’s Environmental Impact Zone, where plutonium and other radioactive and hazardous materials are released.

We don’t need these nuclear weapons, we don’t have the money for these weapons, and we don’t want this research to cause cancer. Call and ask for a budget cut.

Lolina Mails

COVID policy by mistake
Supports Baby Boomers.

Understandably, COVID is a big deal for the most influential voting bloc in US history. They are most affected by it. And again, these would not be the driving force behind the policy.

These are the voters who loudly declared the war in Vietnam when they were young, but then sent another generation to fight and die for 20 years when they were too old to serve, eventually Iraq and Hit the final game in Afghanistan in one or two. Incompetence

According to the CDC, the majority of cove deaths are in the age group of 94%. 50 or more. Seventy-six percent of all deaths fall. 65 and above range..

Taking away the rights of the younger generation so that the older generation feels safe is not a proper arrangement. Let’s take advantage of our opportunities and reap the rewards of whatever comes our way.

Joseph Bortje.
Walnut Creek

Breaking Facebook.
Addiction is not an easy task

With reference to the article “You may not fix Facebook – but signing up is a breeze.Page A7, October 7, Leonard Pitts Jr. wrote an interesting article about the decline of Facebook and Instagram and discussed the idea of ​​controlling them.

If the rules regarding posts on Facebook were passed, it could have played a significant role in the 2016 election where misinformation about Hillary Clinton was spread, which was briefly cited by Pitts. However, the rules and regulations for Facebook will cause constant, unresolved differences, because who will be the judge?

Pitts concluded with a reference to tobacco, which made it easier to follow his ideas. However, the last sentence, “Maybe you can’t fix Facebook. But signing is one thing,” is not entirely true. Social media is an addiction., So signing will not “happen”. Rather, it will be extremely difficult, such as quitting tobacco.

Bridget Egular.

The letter deceives ignorance.
Of communism and CRT

I believe that J. Todesco is committed to the belief that Marxism is ostensibly present in our schools and universities.Working parents are true patriots today., ”Page A6, October 8). It reminds me of the passionate communists of the McCarthy era who saw cartoons of communism and Mickey Mouse in Robin Hood. Sincerity, as a really great teacher once shared with me, is no proof of accuracy.

Todesco suggests that those who cannot agree politically should hate the United States literally, hate families, hate freedom, and hate what is good and civilized in the world. Should. It sounds a bit extreme, or maybe I’m blind to the truth when it comes to the format offered by Todesco.

Michael Steinberg.

GOP does not back up.
Talk about childcare

I would like to know how many children Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has adopted, or provided a financial and loving future for them. This applies to all men and women who feel they can determine what the other woman should do.

Government leaders, show us what you mean by your adopted children. If you feel strongly about this, you should take the unfortunate children into your home and provide for many others. Put your money where your mouth is and take care of these children, or let women do what they have always been doing, even though it was illegal and deadly, perhaps more affected by the actual abortion.

Let’s not forget that abortion is a federal right.

John Martin
Dan Well.

Biden’s economic plan
Targets the middle class.

Economists report that the average family has been paying a fee since Joe Biden took office. Extra $ 175 per month. Due to the increase in gas, groceries and products. That is to be expected.

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