CHICAGO (CBS) – A local teacher says she noticed mysterious unauthorized charges in her bank account – from all over the world.

There was also a mysterious change of address.

But the victim, Andrea Turner, argued that any attempt to contest the activity was met with denial after denial. So she turned to Charlie De Mar of CBS 2 for answers.

There have been allegations on Turner’s account from a variety of places, from content Australia to sunny California beaches. There was even a withdrawal of $ 1,000 from an ATM in New Jersey.

Turner does not live in New Jersey – a state that plays no part in her life, but that plays many roles in this story about the hoax.

“I have no family in New Jersey,” she said. “I haven’t traveled to New Jersey.”

Turner collected fees on her Citibank account from exotic locations around the world. But Turner, a Chicago special education teacher, says she didn’t charge a single fee.

Worse, in July, for an inexplicable reason, the address on her account for an apartment in Perth Amboy, New Jersey – more than 800 miles from her South Side home.

“I’ve never changed my address in the 33 years that I had an account,” said Turner. “I said someone was doing it and it wasn’t me.”

Turner questioned these allegations only to receive a refusal from Citibank saying, “Based on the information you provided and our research results, we are unable to comply with your request for reimbursement.” She claims she was also blocked from her own bank account while trying to get cash herself.

That’s when mysterious fees began to accumulate, with a total value of around $ 1,600.

“Someone took five $ 200 servings from my account for a total of $ 1,000,” Turner said, “so I thought, okay, what’s going on?”

Turner’s dispute over subsequent New Jersey ATM withdrawals was also denied by Citibank, who wrote to her in part:

“Having the information in our possession was not sufficient to support your claim and to resolve the dispute in your favor.”

“I was ready to cry,” Turner said.

After filing numerous bank refusals and police reports, Turner apparently had nowhere to turn.

“I deserve respect and I deserve my money back,” Turner said.

So she called CBS 2 to try to get what she claims is hers.

We contacted Citibank at the end of Friday and communicated with him over the weekend. A member of Citibank’s public affairs team said Andrea’s case was sent to the audit team.

Of course we will continue.

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