Chicago Teachers Union, Chicago Public Schools Fight to Return to Individualized Learning – Greeley Tribune

Chicago (CBS) — The fight between Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago Teachers’ Union continues to get students back to school.

CTU has outlined a proposal to safely return staff to the building and students learning remotely and eventually back to schools.

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While emphasizing the benefits of regular testing for not only staff but all students, CTU wants to confirm metrics from the final round that, if you are exposed, you can return to school more quickly.

And before they could complete their press conference, the mayor rejected their offer.

The CTU says it held a meeting with the House of Representatives, authorizing them to make a comprehensive proposal that would revamp the structure, give clarity to parents, and provide clarity on how to restart the education process. give a clear date. Its proposal includes enrolling maximum number of students in the screening test program on weekly basis in the schools of the district.

Staff will be back in the building and students will be away, with an emphasis on distance learning by the end of next week. They’ll take out the device, begin testing, and begin remote instruction on Wednesday, Jan. 12.

CTU suggests members participate in school building level contact tracing for student affairs, pointing out that parents have pointed out that they have not been notified early enough in the past.

“Why don’t we just get the device out, get the kids to sign up for a trial, and start remote instruction on Wednesday. This is in addition to our proposal,” said CTU Chief of Staff Jennifer Johnson.

CTU is demanding high quality masks not only for the staff but also for the students. CTU says this has been extremely frustrating and they need the mayor’s office to meet him halfway.

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Mayor Lori Lightfoot has already made it clear that she is against two things: any kind of board test and any distance learning.

CTU says it’s aware, but they say it doesn’t make sense. They are offering to settle in one of those areas.

Meyer’s response is that the students need to come back in person as soon as possible and will not hold back.

Chicago Public Schools responded in a press release, saying that it received a CTU offer “towards an end to their illegal strike” on Saturday afternoon.

“We believe that we are moving closer on a number of important issues,” the release said. “We are confident that continued dialogue will support a return to in-person learning next week. Students need to go back to their schools as soon as possible, where it is safe. That’s what parents want. Science backs this up.” Is.”

The CPS released a list of responses to the CTU’s proposal. Among other things, the CPS agreed to provide K95 masks for students and staff, reinstate essential health checkers to a school on a school basis, and provide weekly COVID-19 tests for all students and staff.

The proposals rejected by CPS include distance learning starting January 12 and in-person learning from January 18. The CPS wrote, “CPS is determined that both staff and students should return to teaching and learning individually as soon as possible. Science supports that the safest place for students is school.”

The CPS also rejected the CTU’s proposal for district-wide distance education, saying, “The CPS is not authorized under state law to meet the union’s demand for district-wide distance education. Distance education throughout the district.” days cannot be counted as instructional days.

The CPS also stated that it is firm that employees who do not work during this period will not be paid

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The CPS said the proposal was sent to the CTU on Saturday evening.