COVID-19 Test in Zhengzhou
A medical worker sitting on a mobile nucleic acid sampling tricycle collects a swab sample from an inhabitant to perform a COVID-19 nucleic acid test on October 31, 2022 in Zhengzhou, China.

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Beijing Access to the industrial zone in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou was suspended Wednesday after the city reported dozens coronavirus The cases and workers who assemble the Apple Inc. iPhones left the factory in the zone after the outbreak.

The announcement did not say whether the isolation of Zhengzhou Airport’s Economic Zone was related to matters at the Foxconn factory. It gave no clues as to what prompted the closure. He said no one can enter or exit for a week except delivering food and medical supplies.

According to France-Presse, the factory in Zhengzhou is the world’s largest iPhone factory.

About 600,000 people are affected by the blockade, says AFP.

Separately, the government reported that 64 confirmed cases had been found in Zhengzhou in the last 24 hours. It found that 294 asymptomatic cases were also found in a city of 12.5 million. It was not stated how many were in the industrial zone.

The ruling Communist Party enforces a “Zero COVID” policy that: closed areas all over China for weeks try to isolate each case.

As a result, China’s infection rate is relatively low, but has disrupted trade and business while other countries are easing antivirus restrictions. Public frustration at the restrictions turned into fights with the police in some areas.

In Zhengzhou, all residents of the industrial zone will be tested daily for coronavirus, the Airport District said. It didn’t say how many people it might be about.

Areas across China tightened traffic restrictions and canceled airline flights last month after new infections surfaced after a week-long national holiday.

People in many parts of the Xinjiang region in the northwest were not allowed to leave their homes in August and September. Residents of Urumqi and other cities who said they had run out of food and medicine posted appeals for help on social media.

Thousands of workers left the Foxconn Technology Group factory in mid-October after complaints that people who contracted the virus had not been treated. Some accused the company of not enforcing measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

AFP said photos of people “fleeing the facility” were posted on Chinese social media last week.

Foxconn, a Taiwanese technology giant, said on Sunday that it uses “circular management”, which is the official term for employees who live in their workplace and avoid contact with the outside world. The company said sick workers were being treated, but did not say if new infections were still present.

Also this week visitors to Disneyland Shanghai have been temporarily banned from leaving as part of viral tests, city officials said Tuesday it had expanded to 439,000 people. The city’s health agency said visitors tested negative on Monday and were allowed to quit.

Last week, 1.3 million residents in downtown Shanghai’s Yangpu District were instructed to stay home during testing.

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