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Chloé Zhao of Eternals discovers the origin of the perfect universe.

A shining six-eyed glowing scene of silk, one of the oldest and most powerful heavens.۔

Arisham, the leader of the heavens.
Screenshot: Miracle

Whatever the excuse. Eternal Enter Marvel’s upcoming feature from Director Chloe XiaoAncient heroes will never be able to live below the fact that they felt comfortable. Getting out of many world-destroying disasters.. Disasters in which their powers would undoubtedly have saved a significant number of lives, and in very few cases helped prevent the “D” deviation from catastrophe.

Such as His humorous counterpart, Marvel was assigned to the Eternal of the Cinematic Universe. Protecting the Earth from Damage, But only if it is said to be born of loss. Decisive name Devants, A group of superior creatures created by celestial beings (yet. the second A group of legendary creatures seen in many Marvel projects). Various movies are popping up. Thor: The Dark World And Guardians of the Galaxy MCU’s promise to further lean into Jack Kirby’s The Desolation-the creator of The Celestials خصوصیات to imagine the features of live action, and Eternal Ready to dig a little deeper into their myths to find the canonical connections of the Eternal with them.

In Marvel’s comics, celestial beings are described as the first humans to ever come into being. In this way, they contributed to the creation of at least one universe. According to both Zhao and Kevin Fudge, Eternal Going into this idea. In a recent interview with فینڈنگو۔, The director talked about a new feature tate in which Fudge explained it. Eternal “Marvel itself explores the creation of the universe.” Xiao echoed Feij’s feelings and explained in detail how the film aims to help the audience understand the Earth’s position in the Great Scheme of Things. “I think a big part of it is that the audience will discover the origins of MCU through heavenly myths,” Xiao said. “I think by the end of the film, we will have a new understanding of the planet Earth’s universe and its relationship with its inhabitants. But in that sense, it will have a huge impact on the future of MCU.”

The story of Heavenly Comics is deep and wide, but there are a handful of elements that can lend themselves to what both Xiao and Fuj are talking about. Eternal. In comics, the heavens are known as one of the first two generations of sentient beings created by the first firm, a sentient and single universe that is completely devoid of any other intelligent life. Unlike the aspirants – who modeled their controlled, orderly behavior after the first ferment – the celestial beings were ridiculed by their Creator because of their obsession with changing the universe while encouraging organic evolution. And understood chaos.

While the battle between the aspirants and the heavens led to the creation of Marvel’s hilarious multiverse, part of their stories Eternal Their role as the architects of evolution on earth could continue – a process that would eventually lead to deviation and eternity. Xiao sees the Ethereals as “Earth’s original superheroes” whose goal was to eventually give birth to people like Tony Stark, one of whom will take the torch once the Eternal comes to an end. A glimpse of can be seen below in another short new trailer of the movie). Even with all the stories that guide their decisions, it’s not that the Eternals have been completely MIA all this time, which makes it a little hard to see when they talk to the characters. How will they explain themselves when they start talking? Following the previous Marvel steps. Eternal Cinemas will open on November 5

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