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Chris Bryant started NLDS from the first base.

LOS ANGELES – After playing four different positions for the Giants during the last two months of the regular season, former cab star Chris Bryant will play another new place in Game 3 of the NLDS at Dodger Stadium on Monday.

With the Dodgers S Max Scherzer pitching for Los Angeles, Bryant will start at first base for a Giants team that will enter Game 3 of a great series that is tied at 1-1.

Bryant has appeared on the first base in 28 games of his career, including 12 cabs this season before he traded in San Francisco.

Giants manager Gabe Kepler is expected to address the decision during a pre-game press conference on Monday, but a key factor behind the move is likely to be Wilmer Flores’ 0-17 career mark against Shermer. Flores started from the first base in each of the first two games of the division series, but with terrible numbers against the Dodgers starter, the Giants chose to move Bryant to Anfield and send another left-handed bat to Steven Dogger. What

Another surprising factor behind Bryant’s decision to play at first base is that, despite being out of the Brendon belt due to injury, Lamonte Wade Jr. has often been the Giants’ first baseman. The Giants have previously played Bryant on the left field with Wadeover, but they have chosen to send Wade to the left field and have used Bryant at Anfield since the start of Alex Wood on Monday.

Wade is a better defender than Bryant in the outfield and it is possible that Bryant, who is 6ft 5, has more range at Anfield than Wade, which could be important for a giants team that expects Wood a lot. Will induce ground balls. Dodgers.

With the left thumb broken and the belt torn apart, the Giants picked Bryant, who has 16 runs for 2 wickets in his career, against Flores and Darren Rove, who played for the team at Dodger Stadium on Monday. Taken ground ball to position during exercise. Bryant went 3-3 in Game 1 of the NLDS and hit a home run against Walker Boehler, but the 2016 National League MVP Giants went 4 for 0 in Game 2 loss.

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