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Clever Halloween Hack uses sound waves to mimic ghosts.

There is nothing wrong with decorating Halloween. It’s an effort that counts, even if you just throw some pumpkins on the porch, or put an inflatable witch on the lawn. But there are some that go beyond the call of duty. Dan Beyonc., Which benefits something. Cutting-Edge levitation technology To make it It looks like ghosts are real..

It has not yet made its way into consumer devices, but. Scientists have learned how to levitate objects without the need for a high-powered magnet. Technology is not going to make hoverboards a real thing anytime soon, but in laboratory tests, rows of ultrasonic transducers – primarily speakers that produce Voices beyond human hearing are strong enough to produce sound waves. Lightweight polystyrene balls for swimming., And even control the movement of a. A small foam garland floats in the middle air.. These are wild things, but research, at least in its current form, has not yet been put to practical use.

Following a free tutorial that is available. Instructable CircuitsBeyonc ایک made a 256 transducer array suspended on a dark surface. Sprinkle lightly with baking powder. The array is not only capable of generating powerful sound waves to physically blow up the powder, but also with enough attention and control. Makes It’s as if a hidden finger is actually pulling in the dust.

It’s an amazingly scary effect, and it’s hard to know how it works.. T.There is no written instrument to move the baking powder, and no other obvious signals are hidden and inaudible given the sound waves. Heaven after allBefore october 31 turn around, we hopeThe setup aims to expand the use of two-way transducer arrays to create a larger written surface for one-spirit communication that allows long, strange messages to appear magically. Go

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