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Climate protesters demand ‘respect’ from Biden, smashing a statue of Andrew Jackson.

Several meteorological activists called on the White House on Monday for the president. Biden Take their concerns seriously and smash the statue of Andrew Jackson.

Extreme left wing group. Blood back fossil free. Demonstrations from across the White House to end their five-day protest in Washington.

The protesters met with Mr. Biden Declaring climate change a national emergency and ending all government projects using fossil fuels.

The group also demanded the removal of the Line 3 oil pipeline, which it said runs through American Indian territory.

Workers chanted “Respect us or expect us”. Biden Follow their warnings about climate change. He sprinkled the words “expect from us” in graffiti based on a statue of Andrew Jackson.

The group’s website says it aims to keep Mr. Biden To of that The campaign promises to tackle climate change and stress. It Becoming a climate president. They Promised to be. ”

Activists sang songs about the protest, according to social media posts.

One song included the lyrics, “We fight to protect the earth, one people hand in hand, one struggle to heal us all.”

Monday’s protest centered on American Indians celebrating Columbus Day.

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