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Climb Utah and WSU to the No. 1 Oregon ESU.

Power ratings are based entirely on scoreboards, except when they are not.

(Pacific-opening lines are used all the time.)

1. Oregon (4-1 / 1-1)
Previous Week: 1.
Result: DNP
Next: Vs Nail (Friday, 7:30 pm, ESPN)
line: Oregon-14.
Comment: The ducks are three behind Ohio State in the AP pool and four behind the coaches’ pool. What does the CFP Selection Committee say? The first ranking is scheduled for November 2.

2. Arizona State (5-1 / 3-0)
Previous Week: 2.
Result: Beat Stanford 28-10.
Next: In Utah (7 p.m., ESPN)
line: Arizona State-2.
Comment: You say that the Sun Devils only defeated the team that defeated Oregon. We call it Ohio State. You say that the Sun Devils are the most dominant team in the conference. We call it Ohio State. You say a game shouldn’t matter. That Very; We say; Ohio State.

3. UCLA (4-2 / ​​2-1)
Previous Week: 4.
Result: Won 34-16 in Arizona.
Next: In Washington (5:30 p.m., Fox)
line: UCLA-1
Comment: The season depends on the next three weeks as the Bruins travel to Washington, host Oregon, then travel to Utah. If they win at least two, the momentum should remain positive. Anything less, and the murmur will begin.

4. Oregon State (4-2 / ​​2-1)
Previous Week: 3.
Result: They lost 31-24 in Washington State.
Next: Useless
line: N / A
Comment: Fact: The Beavers won the USC for the first time in 61 years, beating Washington for the first time in a decade. Fact: Oregon State has yet to beat a team with a winning record.

5. Utah (3-2 / 2-0)
Previous Week: 7.
Result: Won USC 42-26.
Next: Arizona State vs. 7 p.m., ESPN
line: Utah +2.
Comment: After a weekend in which Tunin Thomas pumped the USC, Deventy Booker (Giants), Sakon Barclay and Zack Moss (Bulls) made 92 yards from the Sukkur Memj, it is clear that Utah is the conference these days. I am the closest thing to tellback.

6. Stanford (3-3 / 2-2)
Previous Week: 5.
Result: Arizona State lost 28-10.
Next: In Washington State (4:30 p.m., ESPNU)
line: Choose
Comment: Remember when Stanford had not only the best running game but also the best run defense in the conference? Well, that’s the last of the two right now. And it’s a recipe for consistency, no matter how useful the receivers are with the jump balls in the end zone.

7. USC (3-3 / 2-3)
Previous Week: 6.
Result: Lost to Utah 42-26.
Next: Useless
line: N / A
Comment: The defense is bad, the offense is bad and Jackson Dart needs to play as soon as he is healthy. But at the root of all these shameful losses is discipline, accountability and toughness – both mental and physical – that have plagued Clay Hilton for years.

8. Washington State (3-3 / 2-2)
Previous Week: 9.
Result: Defeated Oregon State 31-24.
Next: Vs. Stanford (4:30 pm, ESPNU)
line: Choose
Comment: Given the stretch run road schedule (Tampa, Eugene and Seattle), the Cougars can’t play a worthy home game if they expect to do bowling math. And it’s a winning home game.

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