College football fans react to Katy Perry’s latest halftime performance of ‘When I’m Gone’

Katy Perry was freaked out by soccer fans last night while debuting her new music video during the College Football Playoff National Championship game.

Anyone watching Alabama in Georgia on Monday, January 10 will interrupt their game at the sight of Perry and Swedish DJ Alesso, as the video for their new song “When I’m Gone” first aired on ESPN at halftime. . The inclusion of Perry brought back memories of her famous halftime performance in 2015’s Super Bowl XLIX, when she rode a giant lion while a spirited dancing shark broke the internet.

The latest music video features futuristic themes with rocket ships, a mechanical dog, robotic dance moves and lots of product placement.

While Perry fans were thrilled, football fans also expressed their opinion on the performance all over Twitter.

Perry warned fans that he would interrupt a college football game before kickoff by tweeting the announcement.

When the music video finally aired, many fans and even some sports journalists tweeted their confusion over Katy Perry’s decision to air the new song at halftime.

Journalist Mike Ferguson jokingly said, “A 4-minute Katy Perry video at halftime like a National Championship football game from Nothing…”—though the video is actually less than three minutes long. athletic Writer Steve Berman also picked up on the satire, saying that seeing Katy Perry dancing with a robot dog in a heavily sponsored music video is “totally normal college football halftime”.

Sports radio commentator Mike Conti went a step further, criticizing whoever decided to premiere the Katy Perry music video during halftime and calling for them to be fired.

However, when halftime rolled around, it was generally an uneven play with Alabama leading Georgia 9–6, all field goals. Since it wasn’t the most entertaining of the encounters, viewers and Perry’s fans were grateful that she came to liven up their evening.

While some applauded her appearance, many others saw it as an opportunity to reminisce about 2015 when Perry performed at the Super Bowl halftime show. Some fans, like @mynameiskatycat, celebrated Perry by comparing screenshots of old and new performances.

TV meteorologist Tyler Rooney brought everyone’s mind back to that classic performance when a man in a shark costume stole the show by dancing out of sync with everyone.

the ringer Journalist Roger Sherman took a better step by suggesting that the Super Bowl performance was a better half-time performance, but also that Perry was part of a better college football moment as well. He included a screenshot of the time he taunted LSU fans on ESPN by tossing a corndog into the studio, supporting Auburn on his game day.

The music video for “When I’m Gone” by Perry and Alesso is now available to watch in full on YouTube.

The Georgia Bulldogs won the college football playoff national championship game 33–18 against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Katy Perry made her music video debut during the halftime show College Football Playoff Championship Game, where Kelly Ringo (pictured) and the Georgia Bulldogs defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide.
Jamie Schwabero / Getty Images