Comedian Richard Herring has ‘defeated’ cancer

Comedian Richard Herring announced that he had “defeated” testicular cancer 10 months after having surgery.

That writer and artist, 54, joked that he was “indestructible” and could “go back to wasting all his time” after scans showed the disease had not returned.

Writing on Twitter, Herring joked that he was advised he needed to drink more water but that he would “rather die”.

The comedian said: “10 months (and one day) after the operation, saw the oncologist today. The scan is clear. The blood is good. I obviously need to drink more water (I would love to die), but all is well. I have defeated cancer and am indestructible now.”

In another post, he added: “Looks like I can go back to wasting all my time, under the sad illusion that I’m immortal. Hurray!”

The comedian also jokingly added: “I think it’s the end of being out of stuff by looking a little sad and saying ‘I’ve got cancer’. So it’s not all good news.”

Award-winning comic Jane Godley replied to her message with three red love hearts, writing “I’m so happy”, to which Herring replied “You can beat it too, Jenny!”

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Herring did one half of a double act with Stewart Lee before writing a string of solo shows and beginning Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theater podcast.

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