Many conservative media outlets have called on the Republican Party to leave former President Donald Trump behind as the mid-term elections ended in disappointment for the government.

“It’s time for Donald Trump to go away,” wrote Charles Cooke in a Wednesday article for National Review.

“Trump is a loser,” said Cooke. “He slipped past America’s most unpopular woman in 2016, presided over the Blue Wave in 2018, lost to barely breathing Joe Biden in 2020, and in 2022 he picked the group that lost Republican nominees.”

Trump backed a hundred candidates this year in office, but those in key swing states did not win their races in a trend that calls into question Trump’s role as ruler of the Republican party. Despite these defeats, many expect Trump to continue to announce his official offer for 2024 over the next week.

Former President Donald Trump speaks at Election Night in Mar-a-Lago on November 8, 2022 in Palm Beach, Florida. Following the mid-term elections, conservative markets are moving away from Trump and moving closer to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in 2024.
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But some outposts are urging Republicans to adopt alternatives, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who, unlike other members of his party, won a loud victory in his state on Tuesday.

Cooke, in his National Review op-ed, called DeSantis a “winner” who defied the chances of the blue wave in 2018 when he was first elected governor, and criticized Trump for “classically guarding the establishment gate” over the warnings he sent to DeSantis about running against him in 2024.

When Republican chances worsened during election night, even Fox NewsThe network, which had previously been one of Trump’s favorites, appeared to be questioning the ex-president’s future in the party, repeatedly returning to DeSantis’s mid-term victory every time another GOP defeat was dealt with.

Marc Thiessen of Fox News sharply criticized Republicans for failing to enter Congress on the wave of the red wave despite soaring inflation in the country, rising crime and unfavorable ratings from President Joe Biden.

“They looked at it all, looked at the Republican Party alternative and said” no thanks. ” The Republican Party needs to do a really deep introspection in the mirror because it is an absolute disaster, said Thiessen, calling the election results “a burning reproach of the Republican Party.”

The Washington Examiner He also argued that voters are moving away from Trump, blaming the ex-president for mid-term disappointment and urging Republicans to pay attention to the start of the presidential race in 2024.

“With terrible results overnight, Trump reportedly resorted to screaming about bad Republican candidates.” Examiner wrote in Wednesday’s editorial. “But these were his people. It is his fault. Without Trump to stand against, Biden and the Democrats would likely be heavily scolded by voters. “

Political scientist Steven Schier said earlier Newsweek that the poor performance of Trump-backed candidates is likely to throw the GOP government into chaos.

“In the short term, from now to 2024, it’s just trouble for the party internally, in between [Make America Great Again] and [Republicans in Name Only]”Said Schier.

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