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Conservatives want to launch their own antiviral airline.

Mega-fans are still determined to install Donald Trump as president – but they are divided on how to do so. As Extreme right-wing efforts To “AuditWith the 2020 election in full swing, some of the movement’s biggest names have accused each other of being communists, FBI informants and “home-destroyers.”

On this week’s episode Fever dreams., Host Will Sommer and Kellywell are embroiled in a Republican feud. Representative. Marjorie Taylor Green.QAnon-hyping Congresswoman from Georgia, went on strike this weekend against a former ally when she said Conspiracy Lawyer Lin Wood The investigation into the January 6 capital attack could be co-ordinated. Wood, who previously served as Green’s lawyer, has spent weeks accusing the lawmaker of being “communist” because he has not “audited” Georgia’s vote. Green retaliated, accusing Wood of raising funds for the defense. Kyle Rutton House, Accused of killing two people in a protest last summer.

“Your fight is between true believers like Linwood who believe that the election was stolen and that since the election was stolen, there is no point in campaigning or doing any activity from midterm or 2024, Republicans. There is no point in donating to candidates, there is nothing to support the party until the end of the 2020 elections, “says Soomer. “On the other hand, you have people who are certainly very beautiful themselves, but a little more ugly, a little more opportunistic.”

Green and Wood are not alone in their crackdown on audits. Wendy Rogers., An Arizona state legislator who sided with Wood in the argument is embroiled in an audit battle. Rogers was Arizona’s most vocal audit champion, and is now calling for audits in all 50 states. With Rogers’ fundraising efforts, these calls have taken a bad note with some Arizonians who were disappointed with their state’s audit. Some in the “Patriot Party of Arizona” group have accused Rogers of being a “graffitier” who only supports audits for his fundraising ability. In a series of tweets this weekend, Rogers retaliated against the group, tweeting that its members were “domestic victims”, “adulterers”, unfaithful spouses, gold diggers and “# Deep State “workers.

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Other right-wing figures, meanwhile, have more troubling concerns: how to launch their own airline for pilots and passengers who refuse their vaccines. They. Anti-wax sounds Replying New airline requirements That pilots and flight crews be vaccinated. “I like the idea of ​​conservatives trying to block a small social path and then try to start a ارب 1 billion business to avoid it,” says Will. “It’s like all those bag comrades who want to stay at sea to avoid taxes. At a certain point, you’re like, ‘OK, just go.’ Or will their efforts to evade taxes by building boat-based societies in the middle of the sea end in despair?

Elsewhere on the podcast, Sommer and Wells speak to journalist Jennings Brown, whose new podcast, Revelations, chronicles the dark history of the California Dome Day Group Fellowship of Friends. Brown, who lived in the group’s bizarre compound during his stay, says he was impressed that it led people to their beliefs – and that even after their predictions failed, What to put in the group.

The Trump campaign has sent fundraising texts, including “Let’s go, Brendan.”

“He’s been doing this for 50 years,” Brown said of the fellowship leader. “These members, over and over again, had to go through mental gymnastics to follow these predictions and constructions, and then frustration and their new argument. It seems to have instilled this very strong devotion to their leader and The question is, what does he do with the kind of devotion he has built in half a century?

Finally, Weil and Sommer Dish chanted the slogan of the dirty new T-shirt that is about to land with Trump fans. “Let’s go Brendan” is the right new slogan on the right. This is a drama based on the MAGA audience’s slogan “Fuck Joe Biden”, which is very dirty for TV. When one of the recent NASCAR broadcasts heard a slogan, a TV host walked away from the crowd and suggested that they chant “Chloe Brandon” in support of the driver. Since then, Trump fans have been featured at rallies with “Chloe Brandon” printed on T-shirts. Donald Trump Jr. also tweeted the slogan.

“The Trump campaign has sent out fundraising texts, ‘Let’s go, Brandon,'” Sommer said. “So I’m sorry to inform my audience, but it’s really going to be with us for a while.”

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