Cook County Sheriff’s Office releases never-before-seen video to CBS 2 investigators, hoping viewers can help solve case – Greeley Tribune

Chicago (CBS) — A victim is being led to his death. A father desperately dials 911 at a playground. Exclusive getaway car.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office released a never-before-seen surveillance video of a massacre to CBS 2 investigators, in the hope that you, our viewers, can help solve the case.

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an unexpected crime scene

It was a hot August day – children were scouring about the playground, a family seeking shade under the gazebo, people picnicking all over the park.

The typical summer festivities lasted until the two men walked down a wild path from which these children and family romanced.

Shortly after the two entered the forest, people heard a man shouting for help.

But before park goers or officials could intervene, 52-year-old Chris Urbina was brutally stabbed to death at Fullerton Forest Preserve.

The murder was so brutally executed that even top Cook County detectives were stunned.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said, “I have seen many different murders during my life.” “It was particularly violent.”

“It was shocking,” said Cook County Detective Ginny Georgetas.

“an incredible person”

Urbina’s unexpected death shatters the lives of her family and friends.

“He was an incredible person. He was always smiling,” said Bob Staley, Urbina’s friend of 30 years. “He always wanted to make sure you had a good time.”

One of Urbina’s life-long friends, Keven Pippens, said, “He was giving you shirts from the kind of guy on your back.”

Urbina was also a white-collar Ford worker, a Cubs fan, and above all, he loved his elderly mother.

“They were best friends,” Staley said.

On August 8, 2020, Mr. Urbina did the last thing as breakfast for his mother. Then, without telling her where he was going, he got into a car with an unknown man who would later kill him.

put the puzzle together

Detective Georgentus was tasked with finding Urbina’s killer.

He reviewed nearly 3,000 surveillance clips from nearby homes and businesses to track down the culprit.

The never-before-seen video depicts Urbina and the suspect pulling into the woods, walking through the playground, and the suspect heading into the woods.

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Then, twelve minutes later, the suspect walks out of the woods – alone.

“It’s very bold,” said Detective Georgents. “Afternoon … people around.”

What makes this gruesome murder even more exciting is the footage of the suspect leaving the forest, without haste and without steps.

A distraught 911 caller noted that the suspect’s walk was “accidental” and “slow.” And after sitting in his car for about a minute, he finally leaves.

“This is a man who clearly has no problem with violent acts at any time, any place,” Sheriff Dart said.

Sheriff Dart has been working with detectives on the case for more than a year. They hope that tracking down the specific getaway vehicle will help them identify a criminal.

They believe the criminal’s car is a spruce green Grand Marquis. It has a noticeable dent in the rear passenger’s side door, missing the emblem on the front grille, and no license plate.

Detectives collected and collected surveillance video from nearby homes and businesses to track the suspect’s escape route for up to two miles.

After exiting the Forest Preserve on Ditka Drive, the suspect traveled east on Grand Avenue, then took a U-turn and ended at Indian Border Road. He walks through a few alleyways and turns back on Grand Avenue. The car then turns south on Westbrook Drive and then turns east on Fullerton Avenue. Final footage detectives were able to gather the show was turning south on the 77th Court in Elmwood Park.

Suspect took the path leaving forest protection

Detectives could not find any more video of the car, or it was taped – a twist that eventually cooled the case.

“This is a dangerous man who needs to be caught,” said Detective Georgetus. “We need the public’s help.”

The casual day killer now has Cook County’s best look for “who”.

Detectives say any piece of information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, could be crucial to solving the case.

Cook County Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator in this case. Those with information can contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-535-STOP. They can also contact Cook County Sheriff’s Police Detectives at 708-865-4896.

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