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Council House waiting lists ‘double support could end’

The Local Government Association (LGA) has warned that the council housing waiting list could “double” by next year.

The organization, which represents councils in England and Wales, is urging the government to give councils the authority and funding to build 100,000 social rental homes a year to review this month’s spending. Give, which he says will benefit the public purse. Long term.

A report by LGA, the Association of Retained Council Housing and the National Federation of ALMOs, called Building Post Pandemic Properties, sheds light on how one in 10 homes Homes are needed but they have been on the council’s waiting lists for more than five years. According to official data released in March.

The report also said that by 2023, less than 100,000 new homes will be built in all tours – social and market housing – without epidemics.

And the LGA said that as a result of the epidemic council, the housing waiting list could almost double next year to 2.1 million households.

LGA issued a similar warning in November last year. He said the expansion of coveted support schemes, such as the ban on evictions, had helped curb such an increase, but that some support schemes were now being phased out, increasing the risk of problems in the system.

Every 100,000 new social rental homes provide مالی 24.5 billion in public funding over 30 years, including savings in housing-related benefits, tax collections from the construction industry, and access to people, the report said. Wide effects are included. High quality and more energy efficient housing.

LGA is demanding reforms from the government. Right to buy And allow councils to maintain 100% receipts.

LGA spokesman Councilor David Renard said: “We are concerned that as life returns to normal, the number of homelessness cases may increase in the coming months.

“We want to work with the government on cross-departmental long-term homelessness prevention strategies and address our housing shortages as we recover from the epidemic.

“Giving councils the power and resources to build 100,000 social housing units on rent each year, including further reforms to Right to Buy, will not only help reduce homelessness but also provide a third of the government’s housing target. Will

Mr Reynolds added: “There is an urgent need to build more social housing in this country, which should be a central part of the government’s commitment to repair and improve post-epidemic diseases. Way to own

“Now is the time to reverse the decline in council housing over the past few decades. The benefits are clear – the annual 100,000 community housing program will shorten council housing waiting lists, reduce homelessness and reduce carbon footprint.” It will reduce emissions. The economy needs to grow in the long run. “

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