Couple goes viral as they turn their ‘Home on Wheels’ together

A young couple has gone viral after sharing a video of their campervan renovation, turning a standard van into a home from scratch, and without any professional help.

one in Video Shared on TikTok last Tuesday, the couple known as Coconut and Camel explained that in April 2021, they bought a 17-seater Ford Transit minibus, and after taking it out and cleaning it, they took it on their own. Started changing to “Home On”. wheels.”

The couple took care of every little detail, “from insulation and soundproofing to wiring in the lights and building the living space, connecting walls and a ceiling, a MaxxAir ceiling fan, storage cupboards, seating and back to our bed.” , and of course our kitchen!

“Plus we designed, built and installed our power setup which made it feel so amazing to switch on the lights for the first time! So come say hello to our house on Wheels… Stan the Van!”

In further comments, the couple explained that power is supplied by “two 400 amp hour lithium leisure batteries in the rear and three solar panels (575w) + a BTB charger on the roof.”

According to research from travel blog Truly Experience, since the end of 2020, “millions of people” have found RVs to be the best way to experience the outdoors. The US forecast for end of 2022 RV shipments is between 567,000 and 587,400 units, with a total of 577,200 units expected to end the year.

In a news release, the US Recreational Vehicle Industry Association says the US RV industry is expected to grow in 2022, with shipments between 586,300 and 614,100 units, with a total of 600,200 units—a 4 percent increase in 2021.

The couple, who will travel to Europe in their campervan, said the total cost of their campervan is about $10,000 to $15,000. He said he got a special auto insurance, exclusive to a self-built campervan, that few companies offer nowadays.

The couple said they would have to obtain a C1 license – a type of driving license that allows people to drive vans up to 7.5 tonnes – as it is plated up to 5 tonnes.

The video, titled “Our Van Build Story. Follow us for our VanBuild series and trip to Europe” has garnered over 599,000 views and over 17,000 likes to date.

newsweek Coconut and Camel have been contacted for comment.

Most TikTok users liked the video, with Cinnabi writing: “I love people who can make stuff up.”

Another user, Robbie, asked: “Looks great, was the electrical side of things difficult? I guess I could have done everything else.” And Dommers2 said: “Would you like to do this at all. Have you calibrated it since? I don’t understand how they work after all… as with all weights?”

Another user, Howard Joan, commented: “Well done, looks amazing. Might bump into you when we’re out in our conversion.” And Pranav Patel said: “I would love to do it but unfortunately I don’t have the skills to figure it out.”

Shadow-felt Fusion said: “Looks amazing. I throw an airbed on the floor of my van and keep a cold box and camping stove.” And Neil Andrew Wodersp wrote: “Unprecedented.”

Alex Lohier said: “Looking to do it on a slightly smaller scale like it! Play fair, keep up the amazing video.” and user2033151222272 added: “Epic creation! Painful topic—how much did it cost? Need to start saving.”

“Great job,” said Pearl Lawrie. And The Minibus Camper commented: “Looking at the good guys, at first we look exactly like ourselves. We’re just in the final stages of dismantling. We’re starting to show the stages slowly.” Maggie said: “I never would have thought there would be a minivan/multi seater to convert but this is genius!”

A stock image shows a group of people partying by a caravan. A couple has gone viral for their DIY skills, after a video showed how they turned their transit van into a campervan.
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