Covid-19: The number of vaccines in Sussex reaches 3,000,000

The number of people vaccinated against COVID-19 in the county has reached 300,000.

In Sussex, 82.7 percent of eligible people have taken their first dose, 76.5 percent have taken their second dose and 68 percent have taken their booster.

A total of 3,008,220 vaccinations have been performed, including 428,461 booster doses.

The number includes people who have done their first, second and booster jobs.

The milestone announcement from the NHS comes as the number of booster vaccination appointments has increased significantly.

More than 13,000 additional appointments have been arranged per week, including 2,800 more per week at Churchill Square. Brighton, 1,200 in Eastbourne and 500 in Chichester, while GP-led services are adding extra days and hours to their sessions to make it as easy as possible for people to get their boosters.

The Argus: Covid Vaccine Center at Churchill Square Shopping Centre, Brighton Covid Vaccine Center at Churchill Square Shopping Centre, Brighton

The COVID-19 vaccine program started on 8 December last year, using more than 40 vaccination sites in Sussex.

At the same time, flu vaccinations are also underway at GP practices, pharmacies and some COVID-19 vaccination sites. So far, more than 450,000 people in Sussex have received flu vaccines.

Amy Gallia, Senior Responsible Officer for the Sussex COVID-19 Immunization Programme, said it was special to reach the milestone a few weeks before the one-year anniversary of the programme.

“It is a genuine collective effort of everyone involved in the programme, and a testament to the amazing commitment and dedication of our vaccination teams to roll out this vaccine to our local population and ensure they are protected against COVID-19. to obtain this important protection against ” He said.

“With winter approaching, all of our teams are ramping up their efforts to ensure that people have both their boosters – or their primary doses (the first or second vaccine) to book and receive There are more and more options.

“They’re also working hard to make sure people get their flu vaccinations, which is just as important to protect people this winter. It’s never too late to come forward.”

“Vaccination is really the best way to protect yourself and those around you, especially elderly relatives and those with low immunity.”

The vaccination schedule has been extended this week to allow people between the ages of 40 and 49 to receive a booster jab, and children aged 16 and 17 are advised to get a second dose.

Hoping to be able to start using both National Booking arrangement from next week to arrange these vaccinations.

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