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Craft Heinz Boss says people should get used to higher food prices.

People have to get into high habits. Food prices, Owner of Craft Heinz. Has warned

While the world’s population is growing, the amount of land on which food is to be grown is not alleged.

But in the long run, “there is a lot to be done in technology to improve the efficiency of farmers” which will be helpful. BBC“I think it’s up to us, and the industry, and other companies to try to minimize these price increases,” he added.

Although the UK is facing rising costs, August saw a record rise in inflation, not the only one to face higher prices, with the corona virus epidemic having a huge global impact. Supply chain.

Unlike in recent years, inflation is “at all levels”, Mr Patricio added, adding that Craft Heinz – the world’s fifth-largest food and beverage firm – is pushing up prices around the world where necessary.

This week, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization said global food prices had reached a 10-year high.

During epidemics, food production, shipping and transportation disruptions resulted in struggles to maintain new demand and raise prices. Global energy prices are also rising, further increasing costs.

“Especially in the UK, with a shortage of truck drivers,” Mr Patricio added, “US logistics costs have also risen significantly, and there is a shortage of labor in some sectors of the economy.”

Owners of various supermarkets in the UK – which are facing a double whammy of Brexit and epidemics – have recently warned consumers of worsening conditions, such as rising prices and empty shelves.

These shortcomings. Possibly “permanent”The former head of the Food and Drink Federation warned last month that it was suggested that labor shortages had eliminated the “just in time” delivery model.

Downing Street has dismissed it, however, a spokesman for Boris Johnson said: “We have found extremely flexible food supply chains that have met the challenges very well and we are confident that this will continue. ۔ ”

Despite rising food and energy prices, the government. Forwarded Introduced during infectious diseases 20 per week with universal credit uplift elimination.

The cuts – which were implemented in the survey on Wednesday and will take effect next week – were described by the anti-poverty Joseph Rontry Foundation as “the biggest overnight cut in basic social security rates since World War II”. It is expected to affect six million people.

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