Craig Robinson Is ‘Killing It’ (Literally) in His New Peacock Series

‘Morris From America’ actor Craig Robinson poses for a portrait at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2016 in Park City, Utah.
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“It’s never a bad time to see the little guy win.”

What do snakes and the American dream have in common? For Craig Robinson, It’s the Basis of His New Peacock Original Series are killing (14 April). Robinson plays Craig, a recently fired security guard who decides to participate in a Florida snake hunt for an unexpected sum of money. “Snakes in the Bible get a bad rap, they get a bad rap Indiana Jones Movies.” The premise of the series is based on a real-life annual hunt of large snakes in Florida. “People kept them as pets and they got out of control and they let them loose. And the snake eats nothing, but they eat everything.” While this writer desperately expected are killing Robinson’s character Darryl will expand Office (Joe Robinson says it certainly isn’t “because Darryl would be an athlete”), adding that the show “opened every door” for him. “I remember going to an audition and the girl was like, ‘How’s Jim?’ She just kept talking about John Krasinski. I’m like, ‘He’s great. Can I do this?'”[laughs]

The show is about the little man succeeding. Was that something you responded to?

It’s never a bad time to watch the little guy win, especially with all these new ways people have found to actually make money. Dan Gore and Luke Del Tradisi, They’re From brooklyn nine-nineWe all met to make this show. And they came up with some ideas. All good ideas, but it sounded very different. So much unexplored territory. This is what really excites all of us.

Most people try to stay away from snakes, certainly not hunting them. Are you afraid of snakes?

I had that fear of snakes for so long, maybe six or seven years ago. What happened was, I was with my band and we moved to Australia. We went to one of these sanctuaries. I was joking with my bandmates, some of them were taking a picture with a snake and I was pretending to touch it. And then I really touched on it. And I was like, wow, this is really cool. By the way, snakes like very much. Then I caught a snake on my neck. I was like, bible snakes get a bad rap they get a bad rap Indiana Jones Movies. We’re taught to be afraid of snakes, so it made him an easy villain for this series, but really, I’m like, “Oh, cool.”

There’s a big snake problem in Florida, right?

Back in the day, people kept them as pets and they got out of control and they let them loose. and snakes don’t eat anything they eat everything.

In your work, you have this ability to be a friend, as if you are a friend. You are America’s best friend! Do you see how fans react to you?

I love that, friend of America. I call myself the Teddy Bear of America. being on OfficeI’ve always said that wherever you go, you have friends. I go to any part of America and someone wants to buy me a drink.

There is something I wanted to ask you. Office The fans are so devoted, I can only imagine some of the reactions you’ve received. Has anyone been too personal?

I was in Atlantic City. This was years ago. I was passing by and there was a huge crowd. Some young college-age kids looked up to me. I started jogging, because I was like, let me get out of here. Just then a man ran and he jumped on me. a big man I was like, what are you doing? So I humbly but firmly took them away from me.

You are really strengthening this teddy bear thing in America.

I was kind of shocked. I couldn’t believe it.

what do you think are killing speaks to or refutes the idea of ​​the American dream?

He’s down. He is divorced and has a daughter and cannot take a break financially. He has found his brother, who is facing many other problems, who can help him, but he cannot take the kind of help that his brother is giving because his brother is a criminal. So he was fired from his job and went to hunt snakes for a living, even though he wanted to start growing complementary berries. So it’s part of the new dream to get that dream.

What was it like working with a team you were so familiar with?

This was great because we already have a shorthand. It was great working with him. There is harmony. trust. And we make each other laugh.

fans of Office are so loyal. expect my share are killing There will be a spin-off for Darryl. what do you think Office Will fans respond to the show?

I don’t think it’s an extension because Darryl would be an athlete. Office The fans are incredible. They sell my shows. They reach out and say happy birthday. A whole podcast and whatever. People are like, “Yeah, this is my sixth time watching this with family.” The whole show is like a friend to someone. illness or divorce of a family member, Office has gone for them. hope they join [Killing It],

How did you do it Office Change your career trajectory?

It opened every door. It was funny, I remember going to an audition and the girl was like, “How’s Jim?” She just kept talking about John Krasinski. I’m like, “That’s great. Can I do this?” But it really opened a lot of doors and I found the place. People shout Darryl. It was no less than a surprise.

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