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More than a week after Election Day, Republicans secured the 218th seat needed to turn the House out of Democratic control. The full scope of most games may not be clear for the next few days – or weeks – as the votes in competitive races are still being counted.

But they are on track to garner the smallest majorities in the party in the 21st century, rivaling 2001 when Republicans had just nine seats, 221-212 with two independents. That’s far less than the Republican-predicted victory in this year’s midterm elections, when the party hoped to reset the agenda on Capitol Hill by taking advantage of economic challenges and Biden’s waning popularity.

For Biden and the Democrats in the House of Representatives, the likelihood of staying in power has always been slim. Since 1906, there have only been three midterm terms in which the president’s party won seats in the House of Representatives: 1934, when the country was in crisis, 1998, when the US was sustained by rapid economic growth, and 2002, when President George W. Bush had sky-high support among the national sense of unity after the September 11 att*cks. See a geographic visualization of how the balance of power changed mid-term.

In Springfield, Republican state legislators elected new leaders after a poor election that allowed Democrats to retain majorities in the House and Senate.

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On the Southeast side, residents have been successful in campaigning to get the city to deny a permit that would have allowed a scrap metal shredder to open in their neighborhood. In Pilsen, residents are fighting a similar – but potentially more difficult – battle with Sims Metal Management, owner of a shredder that has been operating in the area since the 1990s.

Now, some argue that in communities like Plzeň, the total impact of the past and present activities of individual industries must be considered.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, shown on Oct. 27, said her safety drivers shouldn't have parked in the bike lane.

Following an uproar on social media, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot scolded her security officer for parking in the bike lane while she was picking donuts.

This isn’t the first time Lightfoot’s police have hit the headlines. In 2020, the Tribune reported that the City of Chicago rejected most speed and speed camera tickets issued to Lightfoot’s security, including some that were recorded while the mayor was scheduled to attend out-of-town events.

A grave marked with red spray paint at Congregation Am Echod Jewish Cemetery, Nov. 15, 2022, in Waukegan.

An act of vandalism at the Waukegan Jewish Cemetery prompted a quick response from the city and condemnation of the hate crime by the community.

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About 40 tombstones at the Am Echod Cemetery were damaged with red spray paint, including a dozen stones painted with a red swastika. Vandalism at a cemetery on the 3000 block of Grand Avenue was discovered Monday morning.

MacKenzie Scott, shown in 2018, donated $48 million to Chicago Public Schools.

In the week leading up to Thanksgiving, education leaders in Chicago had a pleasant surprise to learn that philanthropist MacKenzie Scott is donating a total of $48 million to the city’s public schools, adding to the list of other organizations in Chicago that have already received donations from the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in recent months.

Scott donated $25 million to Chicago Public Schools, $16 million to the Noble Network of Charter Schools, and $7 million to the LEARN Charter School Network.

Portrait of Jasmine Jordan in 2022.

As a child, Jasmine Jordan initially had little interest in family shoes. She chose what was popular with kids her age – Skechers. However, she could never hold a long pair because when her father saw them, he would throw them. Eventually, she came to love—and even like—sneakers made in the likeness of her father.

When Michael Jordan signed with Nike in his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls, the brand wasn’t anywhere near as well known as it is today. Adidas and Converse were at the top of the basketball shoe game, while Nike made running shoes. Jordan Brand is a separate entity within Nike, and another Jordan is working to make his mark in the shoe world there – Michael’s eldest daughter, Jasmine Mickael Jordan.

Cast "The steadfast tin soldier" at the 2019 Lookkingglass Theater on Michigan Avenue.

Here’s our annual guide to holiday theatrical highlights for shows the whole family can enjoy.

There are a little less of them, especially in districts, than before the pandemic, but those who survived come back strong. Let’s start with a look at what you can find in downtown Chicago, still the most festive part of Chicago when it comes to holidays.

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