ALBANY – Disgraced former governor Andrew Cuomo establishes a political action committee – and podcast.

Thirteen months after leaving office in a flood of s*xual harassment charges and impending indictment, Cuomo announced in a video speech On Wednesday, he re-enters the political arena with PAC to “pick the right people” for office, initiating a weapons security initiative and unveiled plans to start a weekly podcast.

In the eight-minute clip, Cuomo says he has spent a lot of time since departing with his family, hiking and fishing, and restoring old Harley-Davidson cars and motorcycle.

Now, the former beloved Democrat, who received nationwide recognition for his daily COVID checks in the early days of the pandemic, says he is ready to “move forward and focus on what is really important.”

“All my life I have had a good fight in government and politics, and I am not finished yet,” said Cuomo.

After deploring the state of political discourse in the country, Cuomo said The Way to the Future included a political podcast that would allow him to “hear what you think and discuss ways to improve the situation.”

“Now this forum will be different,” he said. “My intention is to speak the full truth, unpainted, from the inside, honestly and honestly.”

The announcement comes a week after Cuomo filed a formal ethical complaint against Attorney General Letitia James.

The former governor and his supporters have repeatedly presented the investigation into James’ office harassment that preceded his resignation as politically motivated. He also accused James and the independent investigators responsible for examining selected evidence and concealing information from the public.

James’s office released a scathing report last summer detailing allegations of harassment by nearly a dozen women, including employees and a state policewoman assigned to protect Cuomo, who said the former politician had made unwanted advances and inappropriate or offensive comments.

Several prosecutors across the state chose not to prosecute the former government, despite the fact that its prosecutors considered credible. In January The Albany District Attorney’s Office has announced that it will no longer prosecute.

Cuomo denied any wrongdoing, while he and his team of lawyers repeatedly att*cked James and questioned the credibility of the women who came forward.

Charlotte Bennett, a former counselor who accused Cuomo of inappropriate remarks and “nursing” her, sued the former government last week for s*xual harassment, gender discrimination and retaliation. She is the second woman to file a federal lawsuit against Cuomo. In February, a New York state officer assigned to protect Cuomo also sued him, claiming that he exposed her to s*xual attention and occasionally ran a hand or fingers over her stomach and back.

Cuomo hasn’t strayed far from the spotlight since leaving office with around $ 18 million in campaign cash. Earlier this year, it was rumored that he was considering running for his old seat and blaming “cultural cancellation” for his political collapse in speeches given in two city churches.

Details on Cuomo’s new initiative, which he has dubbed the “Gun Safe America Project”, will be available soon.

“I saw a lot, learned a lot, did a lot and I want to help,” Cuomo said in a video released on Wednesday.

According to the financial records of the July campaign, a one-time presidential candidate still has about $ 10 million in his war campaign. It is unclear how Cuomo intends to start his fledgling PAC or whom he will support.

“We don’t need any more panderers, we need producers,” he said in the film. “We need people committed to fighting for change and achieving results.”

“We need people who have the character and capacity to become and lead and receive the warmth of leadership,” he added.

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