For the second time in a month, hundreds of parents rushed from all over Oakland to their child’s school in East Oakland with only one question in their mind: Is my child safe?

The scene played out in horror on Wednesday as a shootout, which injured six people, shook campus, which is home to several schools in the Eastmont Hills neighborhood. The incident occurred almost exactly one month after the day after the shooting took place at a school just three miles down the hill in deep East Oakland – a shootout in which a 13-year-old student was injured and a 12-year-old student was indicted.

In the seven days leading up to the school shootout, the city saw gun violence kill six people and injure many more.

As parents pounced on the latest burst of violence in Oakland, some were undoubtedly thinking of the country’s most horrific school shootings, in places far from California but now known to everyone – Columbine, Parkland, Uvalde.

They came to find a chaotic scene where all the victims were still alive and no children were among the victims of the gunshot. Little more is known about those injured in the Wednesday barrage of gunfire, although it appears that at least one of the shot was a security guard hired by the charter school on the sprawling four-school campus, according to Oakland City Council member Loren Taylor. .

“I just wanted to put my hands on my baby,” said Tanesha Craig, mother of a 10-year-old fifth grader. She described a panicked afternoon spent trying to traverse the maze of closed streets in a nearby neighborhood in order to catch him.

For Ali Allahabi, the stress of the day turned out to be unbearable. He said his 14-year-old child, a freshman at Rudsdale Continuation School, heard the shots himself – the first two shots, then a pause, then seven more shots that sounded like automatic weapons.

“I was afraid for everyone – that’s bad news,” said Allahabi. The anxiety about the moment only disappeared when he hugged his son. “When I saw my son, I said,” Thank you God. ” “

The shootout presented Oakland with tough questions about how to contain the rise in violence that has shook the city from 2020 – causing an increase in homicides and several firearms-related crimes.

“I am tired – as I know we are all – from the incessant violence that is taking place in our streets,” said Taylor, whose neighborhood includes the campus where the Wednesday shooting took place. “Everyone’s focus is on really bringing peace to our streets, but these incidents happen nonetheless.

“Here in Oakland, the shooting at our schools is unbelievable,” he added. “For starters, we shouldn’t have guns in our schools.”

That it happened so quickly after another school shootout in East Oakland was annoying, said council member Treva Reid, whose neighborhood includes the Madison Park Academy campus, where a student was shot dead in late August.

“It should be a safe haven and a place where parents feel their children will be safe – that they will be at peace. And that’s not what happened here, ”Reid said in front of school on Wednesday night. “The hearts of the families, the parents I saw today refused to speak. They were shocked. They were angry. They were afraid. They were traumatized. And they wanted to take their children and they wanted to take them home safely ”.

For the kids on the campus where the shooting on Wednesday was, it proved difficult to process what had happened.

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