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‘Danger!’ Competitor Matt Amodio’s historic run ended with 38 wins.

All good things must come to an end and Matt Amodio’s historic race “At Risk!” That’s what the Yale doctoral student did on Monday’s show, leaving with 38 wins and more than ڈالر 1.5 million in prize money.

Amodio failed to respond to the ultimate threat! Accurately tracked and came in third on Monday’s show, the series was cut short by new champion Jonathan Fisher, who was originally from Coral Gables, Florida.

Amodio topped the list of consecutive wins, trailing Ken Jennings by just 74 wins. He won a total of 5 1,518,601, ranking him third on the all-time non-tournament cash-winning list behind James Holzhauer (46 2,462,216) and Jennings (5 2,520,700). Keeps

“Every time I go to a Trivia game that I play, I’m going to come up with a bit of a threatening element. But even so, I just like the badge that represents it. Computer science at Yale University. “As someone who prefers knowledge and knowledge, it’s really a good idea to follow me everywhere,” Amodio, a fifth-year PhD student, said in a statement.

He is known to start all his questions with “who is …” instead of using appropriate alternatives such as “what is …”, an unconventional approach that has resonated with some longtime viewers.

But it was within the rules of the quiz show and, as Amodio explained, it helped limit any “unnecessary moving parts” that could damage its effectiveness.

Known as “Amodio Rodeo”, the quiz show and its producer Sony Pictures proved to be a welcome distraction for television, which saw the attempt to replace the founder of its late and beloved host Alex Trebik.

Sony turned. Guest hosts Mime Bialk and Jennings. After his actual selection for the job, “Danger!” Executive producer Mike Richards walked out of the show after revealing his controversial past podcast remarks about women and others.

Sony has said it is resuming its search for a permanent host.

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