Dave Chappelle opened his Saturday night live host the speech, discussing Kanye West and anti-Semitism.

The 49-year-old comedian was previously criticized for his special Netflix 2021 show, Closerwhere he told jokes aimed at transgender people. Meanwhile, members of the LGBTQ + community and support groups att*cked Chappelle, and hundreds of Netflix employees even walked out of the company’s Los Gatos, California headquarters in protest after its release.

As a result, the announcement of his hosts concert SNL met with criticism.

“Wait, I thought I canceled it. Is it possible to cancel a culture does not exist?” one person tweeted.

Another said, “Having Dave Chappelle as host SNL it’s a cheek again for trans people, including one of their new cast members. What the hell Lorne ?! “

Psychologist Dr. Sebastian M. Barr, who writes frequently on the health of transgender people, added: “I don’t like being reminded that the public, and even the creators I like, don’t care about my community. Dave Chappelle on SNL unfortunately it’s not surprising, but it f*cking hurts. “

When Chappelle returned for the third time on Saturday night to conduct the program, he turned his attention to other things.

Read Dave Chappelle’s full transcript Saturday night live monologue:

Thank you, thank you so much for being here. Before I start tonight, I just wanted to read the short statement I have prepared.

I condemn anti-Semitism in all its forms and stand with my friends in the Jewish community. And yes, Kanye, you’re buying yourself some time.

I have to tell you that I have probably been doing this for 35 years and at the beginning of my career I learned that there are two words in English that you should never say consecutively and the words are “the” and “Jews”. I’ve never heard of anyone doing anything good after they said it.

Kanye had some scratches before. Normally, when he’s in trouble, I pull up, pull up immediately. But this time I thought, “You know what, uh, let me see what’s going to happen first. I just want to see …

I don’t even remember how it started. I vaguely remember it started with a tweet, a strange tweet. It was like, “I feel a little sleepy. I’ll get some rest, but when I wake up, I’ll att*ck the DEFCON 3 Jews. ” And then he just went to bed. I was up all night and I was worried. What will he do with the Jews?

I grew up among Jews. I have a lot of Jewish friends, so I’m not afraid of your culture. I know a little about it, just like, “Hey, let’s go out tomorrow after school” and they said, “We can’t leave, tomorrow is Shanana.” I’d say, “What? What is Shanana?

I have so many questions. Why do some of you dress like Run DMC?

Dave Chapelle attends the UK premiere of “Dave Chappelle: Untitled” at Cineworld Leicester Square on October 17, 2021 in London. The comedian began his appearance on Saturday Night Live on November 12 with Kanye Westie.
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Kanye woke up from that nap and went to work.

A year ago I saw him on a podcast called Drink Champs, uh, great show. And it was an amazing look. Noreaga and the rappers I love and they all wore their golden chains and stuff. And Kanye said, “Only millionaires wear chains.” They said, “What?” He said, “I’m a billionaire. Billionaires don’t carry money on their bodies. I took the chain and said, “Oh, click.”

It was a good look. It was fun and fun. But when he woke up he went back to Drink Champs. This time he was furious with something. He said, “I can say anti-Semitic things, and Adidas can’t ditch me. What now?’ Adidas dropped that nigga right now. Ironically, Adidas was founded by the Nazis. I think the students have surpassed the teacher.

This is an important issue. He broke the rules of show business. You know, the rules of perception. If they’re black, it’s a gang. If they are Italians they are mobs, but if they are Jews it is a coincidence and you should never talk about it.

Kanye got into such trouble Kyrie got into trouble. Kyrie Irving posted a link to a movie he saw on Amazon without a poster caption, but apparently the movie had some anti-Semitic clues and had a weird title like From He-Bro to Negroes or something.

The NBA told him he should apologize and he took his time to apologize and the list of demands for a return to favor continued to grow, but this is where I draw the line. I know the Jews have gone through terrible things all over the world, but you can’t blame Black Americans for that. You just can’t. You know what I mean? Thanks for one person who said woo. It would be a fair penalty to simply post a link to the Schindler’s List, and you all would just write your own signatures. Because Black a ** Kyrie Irving was not nearing the Holocaust. In fact, he’s not even sure it existed.

I saw one press expert shouting about Kanye and she said, “Mental health is no excuse for this kind of language.” Yes, that’s b ****. You can kill someone if you are mentally ill. And listen, okay, I don’t think Kanye is crazy, I think he probably isn’t feeling well. I’ve been to Hollywood. And I don’t want you to get mad at me, I’m just telling you that’s what I saw. That’s a lot of Jews. Like very much. But that doesn’t mean anything, you know what I mean? There are a lot of black people in Ferguson, Missouri. It doesn’t mean we manage this place. I would see if you had a problem you could go to Hollywood, you could start connecting some lines, and maybe you could take the illusion that Jews run show business. Thinking is not crazy. But it’s crazy to speak out loud in such a climate.

Now the semesters are over in this crazy climate and I have to tell you, I feel this semester is addicted to it. And that’s an ominous sign. The most sinister sign in the six months, I think, would be Herschel Walker, who I don’t want to speak badly about because he’s Black. But I have to admit, he is … noticeably stupid.

Even when he isn’t speaking, his mouth is a little open, like … He’s the guy who looks just like he thinks before making tic-tac-toe movements. And now, by watching the news, they are announcing the end of the Trump era. Okay now, I was able to see how in New York you can believe that it’s the end of his era. I’m just honest with you, I live in Ohio among poor whites. Many of you don’t understand why Trump was so popular, but I understand it because I hear it every day. He is very loved. And he loved him because the people of Ohio had never seen someone like him. He is what I call an honest liar. And now I’m not kidding, he’s an honest liar. I had never seen anything like this in that first debate. I’ve never seen a white male billionaire scream at the top of his throat, “This whole system is rigged,” he said. And on the other side of the stage sat the white woman Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, staring at him like, “No, it’s not.”

I said, “Now wait, brother, he said so.” And the moderator said, “Well, Mr. Trump, if in fact the system is rigged, as you suggest, what would your evidence be?” Do you remember what he said, brother? He said, “I know the system is rigged because I’m using it.” I said sh*t. And then he pulled out the Illuminati membership card, chopped up a line of c*caine and … [mimics sniffing].

Nobody had ever heard anyone say something so real, and then Hillary Clinton tried to punch him in taxes. She said, “This man pays no taxes,” said, “That makes me smart.” And then he said, “If you want me to pay taxes, change the tax code. But I know you don’t, because your friends and donors enjoy the same tax breaks as me. And with this, my friends, a star was born. Nobody has ever seen anything like it. No one has ever seen anyone go outside of this house and tell everyone that we do whatever you think we do in this house. And he just came home and started playing the game again.

Democrats were painful losers. I am a Democrat and I tell you, as soon as he won, they started saying everything that he is in league with Russia, he is in league with Russia. It was very embarrassing to be a Democrat, but as time passed, everyone found out that he was possibly colluding with Russia. Now I even look at his wife differently. His wife is beautiful, no doubt about it, but she looks like a chick that James Bond would crush but that he doesn’t trust.

Why does he have all these documents in his house, what is it? This guy famous for not reading his press releases suddenly has 10,000 papers at home and refuses to take them [unintelligible]. Many times in my life I have been fired from my job and I will be very honest with you, sometimes when I was fired I would steal things from the office. Staplers, computer mice, all sorts of things, but you know what I never stole from work? Work.

All of this focused on the war in Ukraine. And fortunately for everyone in the Western world, Ukrainians are much better fighters than we thought they would be. I mean these guys, God bless them. They killed 10,000 Russians in the first week of the war. Even the Vietnamese were like hell, those are good numbers. That was before they had guns. Before we started sending them weapons, they were killing Russians with items that can be found at home. This whole country of Ukraine was littered with “Home Alone” traps. They stepped on the rake … ahhh! How is Russia losing to Ukraine? It would be as if America lost the war against Colorado.

Now the semesters are over and they’ve all left, those new whites, man, those whites are like newborns that just woke up. Everything white people are mad about, we’ve been on it. Man, I can’t see my family. Black people like us have been on it. Man, we can’t trust the government. We were on it! Man, we should strip the FBI. A word to Brother Martin Luther King, we’ve already talked about that.

Nobody listens to me when I tell these jokes you ignore me. My first Netflix special, what did I say? I said I don’t want to buy shoes because the moment I say something that p*sses these people off, they’ll take my sneakers. And the whole crowd was like ha ha ha ha. Now you see Kanye walking barefoot in LA with a chain on. This guy lost $ 1.5 billion a day. One and a half billion dollars a day. I saw it and I said put a chain on a nigga, hello back. Talking about anything shouldn’t be so terrible. It makes my job very difficult, I’ll be honest with you. I’m sick of talking to such a crowd. I love you to d*ath and thank you for your support. And I hope they won’t take anything away from me. Whoever they are.

We have a great show tonight, Brooklyn’s best Black Star is in the building.

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