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De Soto sees the 2021 Belt Line battle in depth.

Soccer players running on the field

Former Desoto Cornerback and local officials discuss the 2021 Belt Line War.

DESOTO – The Battle of the Belt Line became a “thing” in 2013, according to a live “De Soto in Depth” program on Thursday morning, covering the region’s fiercest high school football feud on Friday night. went.

A unique perspective was presented by De Soto Mayor Rachel Procter, State Representative and former Dessoto Mayor Carl O’Shaughman and Mystery Guest, which turned out to be former De Soto Eagle Runningback / Cornerback BJ Hunspard. Hunspard currently plays for Baylor Bears at Vico.

As a reminder, the current Baylor Bear Cornerback visited Arkansas just a day after visiting an unofficial campus, although many believed he would follow his father in Texas Tech. Her father, Byron Hunspard (who also played for De Soto High School), was a unanimous All-American and Doc Walker Award winner in 1996. Byron was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the second round and played professional football for them. He set a team record (broken) in his sad year with a 77-yard run scratch. Hunspard is famous in the history of the city of Desotto and Eagle football.

BJ Hunspard

BJ Hunspard, however, reversed the decision of the University of Arkansas, and ended up in Baylor when Reserve Brett head coach Brett Belima split from the Reserve Bucks organization.

Hunspard remembers his time as Eagle Well, and he’s ready to walk the night with victory for his alumni.

A friendly bet.

No matter who wins, Mayor Proctor said it would be a victory for any city. Proctor and Cedar Hill Mayor Stephen Mason has a “friendly Dutt” for Friday night’s showdown.

Whichever team loses, the mayor of the city must wear the other team’s jersey and donate to the Tri-City Animal Shelter.

“So, this is a win-win situation. Triangular animal Shelter, “said Proctor.

But everyone knows that De Soto’s football coach Claude Mathis is ready this year. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

In 2016, when Hunspard Desotto was on the Eagles football team, he was part of a bitter feud as the Eagles punished Cedar Hill Long Horns by a score of 33 to 18 for the Long Horns.

“It was the last good fight of the belt line in terms of the final score,” Hunspard recalled.

The Eagles have won two games against the Long Horns this year.

“We were able to play the battle of the belt twice. The first time we went to his house, we knew we had to bring it, we had to keep the city with us.

For this game, the scoreboard really did everything.

The second game this year, Hunspard remembers, was the playoffs and was played at Jerry’s Country Texas Stadium.

“It’s a blessing to be a part of it,” Hunspard said.

“Part of that” is the Eagles’ 16-0 record this year.

The De Soto Eagles weren’t so lucky in the years to come, hitting the ballot box fight in 2019 when the Eagles came in at 27 with Long Horn.

“It hurt,” Proctor said.

Then in 2020 the Eagles suffered another loss with 42 with Long Horns 49.

“It’s family until the day of the game – and it’s all about Eagle Country,” Proctor said these days.

An interesting animosity.

Sharmeen, a state representative for District 109, shared his thoughts on the feud because his wife, Michelle, is one. Former Longhorn and Cedar Hill player..

“I’m passionate about the game,” Sharmeen said, and Joe isn’t passionate about hostility. In fact, as mayor he has always held a high position during the year.

In fact, Sharmeen remembers the extra stands brought to the stadium each year for the Eagle / Longhorn feud.

Sharmeen also reminded listeners Thursday morning that the De Soto High School football team has more NFL players than any other high school in the country.

Home field advantage.

As for Friday night’s game, the Eagles will have a home advantage this year and Proctor said, “We have to make a difference this year.”

He echoed the sentiment that Hunspard had previously said, “We are not getting up on this occasion, we are going back to training instead.”

“The Eagles have the right coach, the right staff and the right weather,” Proctor added.

Sherman also said that over the years, the Hunspard family has always meant a lot to De Stowe.

“They left a legacy in their children,” Sharmeen said.

“It’s a privilege to have a father at home who has done such wonderful things on and off the field,” said Baylor Bears Cornerbeck, who grew up with his father first.

He added that his father showed him that he still had something when his son was a little upset recently.

The best enmity around, the battle of the belt line.

With all eyes on the battle of the belt line on Friday night, Cedar Hill ISD Public Information Officer Michael Sedhalter said: “The Builder Line’s Cedar Hill-de Soto fight is a major rivalry not only in Texas but also in the United States. Both programs regularly make deep playoff runs. Only between two campuses. Six miles away, and many scholarly athletes go to church and play sports with each other.

Soccer players running on the field

On the one hand, Texas-Oklahoma, Alabama-Auburn and Ohio State-Michigan, the best enmity here is in the best southwest. From my point of view, I got here. Cedar Hill ISD In March 2020, and the first battle of the belt line game I saw was a classic when Cedar Hill defeated De Soto, the final fall at Longhorn Stadium 49-42.

The game will be broadcast live on 660-AM – the answer, with an hour-long countdown to kick-off at 6:30, or the WFAA game on their YouTube channel.

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