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De Soto’s ‘Resurrection’, Managing Deer. Brings experience of library services to Desoto.

Hunter Hess.

DESOTO – If you haven’t heard of DeSoto being the new managing director of Library Services Guru in the city, now you know. In fact, the newly appointed Library Guru has just completed its first 100 days.

Dr. Tracy J. Hunter Hess, often referred to as “Hunter”, joined the library over the summer and has been growing stronger ever since.

Hayes, who is called DeSoto’s communications manager Matt Smith, “DeSoto’s new renaissance man” even flew to the mayor’s Summer Reading Kick Off event.

The son of a US diplomat, he grew up outside the United States in places like the USSR and Turkey. Now, he is impressing De Soto in the city library.

According to Hayes, one of the strongest changes the library is making now is “patron-centered services with intent.”

Numerous opportunities for De Soto’s library.

As far as challenges are concerned, the answer is “no, there are still plenty of opportunities. We offer tuition.” Retired world class teachers. In addition, we have a tennis cooking series that uses cookbooks to define self-sufficiency and cultural cuisine. Practicing and discovering self-care issues such as reading or listening to a good book or article

Hayes is a 32-year-old career librarian with a first record. African American Male American Library Association Fellow (1992-1993). A former faculty member and a competent professional “bibliometer”, “building new performance thresholds and sustainable services in the world of libraries and information sciences.”

His autobiography also highlights that he served in several ALA presidential services. Task Forces And committees that launched “ALA Spectrum Scholarships” from their fellowship surveys and data to “recruit people of color into the ranks of professional libraries.”

A service leader.

Two men are talking

He began his librarian career as a children’s librarian at the Free Philadelphia Library with Dr. Carla Hayden (University of Pittsburgh Professor, and current Librarian of Congress) and Dr. E. J. Josie (Professor, Advisor, Patron, and Founder). Black Cox. ALA). He has served as director / dean of libraries at several HBCUs, the oldest Protestant seminary in the United States, a military library, and as a faculty librarian at two ACRLs. During his career, he raised more than 20 20 million, and renovated a historic library while the Middle State Commission Higher education Definition

A Snowbird Leadership Alum, Hess has also presented at state and national conferences over the years. He has chaired the Humphrey / OCLC / Forest Press Award of the International Relations Committee for many years and has attended several IFLA conferences during his career.

Hunter is an educated and practitioner with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in library science, a school degree and a doctorate. Hayes can be described in De Soto and throughout his career as a “library philosopher,” with a welcoming servant guide who speaks in the library.

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