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Dean Crane Shaw wrote a warning against the culture of canceling children’s books.

Representative. Dan Crane Shaw Has written a children’s book that teaches young people about the dangers of a canceled culture.

The Texas Republican explained this week. of that The motivation was to create a book that would compete with left-wing books written for children.

“have you got. [to] Reach out to all audiences, “said Mr. Crane Shaw Told Fox News. “Parents are becoming increasingly frustrated with their school curriculum. They can find left-wing progressives and get children’s books out of them. It’s very difficult to find products, especially for conservative themed children.”

Mr. Crane ShawThe book, titled “Fleet of Fame, Accusation, and Shame,” will be the fourth in a series of titles by a conservative publishing house that aims to empower young people of this generation with conservative values. On its website.

The legislator’s story is protected from the seaman’s dome in an underwater city that slowly begins to wane as the characters are excluded for the crimes, as well as in the vein as the abrogated culture Tried to delete.

Cancellation culture has been a hot button issue, especially for conservatives, who have seen such practices as a form of censorship.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of books informing young readers about the state of culture and politics.

Books by left-wing authors that exemplify this trend include “A is for Activist” which explains why protests are held on issues such as climate change, LGBTQ rights and civil rights.

Mr. Crane ShawThe book is now available on the publisher’s website.

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