Demand for a fixed wage for all Welsh care workers

Councilors in Newport have called for a fixed wage for care workers in Wales to counter staff shortages in the sector.

At last Wednesday’s performance inquiry committee meeting, the cabinet member for social services, Paul Cockerham, said that until carers are paid equally across Wales, workers will be able to move around the local authorities on a pay basis in that area. will continue.

Local authorities, such as Newport City Council, have a statutory responsibility for social care.

John Richards, the clerk representing Livery, asked how restrictive the council was when it came to the salaries of social workers.

Clerk Richards said: “At the end of the day, if you want to attract new employees, pay is important.”

Children’s Services chief Sally Anne Richards said the council is a “good employer” and it pays comparable salaries.

But, Ms Richards said: “The hospitality industry, for example, may now be paying more and is paying more than what some people get when working in care – which seems unfair, to put it very lightly. Given the skill and responsibility that is needed.”

Ms Richards said she thinks the workforce problem is wider than pay, adding that as a society we should value those who work in social care.

Ms Richards said staffing would remain a challenge throughout the winter, adding that the workforce is “a complex picture at the moment”.

According to the British Medical Association, social care is facing unprecedented pressure due to increased demand, lack of funding and workforce.


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