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Democrats are losing a winning platform with a losing message.

If you are not telling your story, your story will be told to you. I mention this in almost every speech so that you can prepare and share your identity and impressions for an impressive audience. Another repetitive and true statement is “no story, no sales!”

Unfortunately, according to A new CBS revelationPeople are not buying. What are Democrats selling?. The survey found that only 10 percent of Americans say they know the details. Biden’s Bloodback Better Plan.Extra points for unity! – Democrats have repeatedly said that this is the main focus of their national agenda. fearsome. Perhaps there is some background thinking and unconventional strategy where Democrats expect voters to “guess” or know telepathically how this bold plan will change their lives.

It’s easy to blame. An obstacle and extremist GOP, Sensationalism and Trump’s thirsty media outlets, and a tired and active majority. However, for any chance of success, the Biden administration and the Democrats need to stop behaving like foolish policy. Stop blaming the squad., And instead learn to create and deliver an accessible message around their other popular policies.

The most successful talking points around President Biden’s plan and his proposed 3.5 3.5 trillion reconciliation package are currently being worked out by Republicans. You may have heard the following: “But what about inflation? How are we going to pay for it? Democrats just spend, spend, spend! Let’s slow down!” Columnists repeat it non-stop. Pieces of his resurrection about Biden’s failed presidency.. Meanwhile, Sense. Joe Manchin and Kirsten Cinema., Who are neither “moderate” nor “centrist”, have instead emerged as a powerful barrier-making pair who have no problem taking money from the business lobbies that Biden’s own houseboats and Lolimon have. Oppose the bag payment plan.

So far, only 36 percent of Americans think the plan, which includes funding for childcare, education, health care, and tackling climate change, will actually help them and their families. According to Politico / Morning Consult PoolOnly 38% of recent child tax creditees give credit to President Biden, whose administration and party paid 300 300 a month for each child under the age of seven during an epidemic. 40% “When I received 900 900 in my bank account, I felt like it was skyrocketing. I was thankful that Biden won the 2020 election.

However, I am in the minority and follow the news because I am a political dark and that is my job. The majority is more concerned. John Groden resigns, The identity of the masked singer, and if his son is going to be gay with Superman. If you don’t message and talk about your success, don’t expect people to give you any credit.

After the 2020 election, some “moderate” Democrats. Accused the squad. And progressive policies like “Defend the Police” and “Socialist” labels for their poor performance in the House race, but if you find yourself the victim of these ridiculous attacks, it’s up to your voters. Reflects failure to communicate and communicate. If Democrats continue on this path of messaging, Republicans will surely take Congress back, thwart Biden’s every legislative goal, stifle a majority until the inevitable constitutional crisis of 2024, and “moderate” “We will succeed with the Democrats. Hell my bill that can help millions of Americans.

However, don’t start taking ivermectin and beetroot juice yet! It’s not all lost, and it’s still time to reverse the course. The poll shows that when aspects of Biden’s plan are voted on separately, they are widely supported. About 88% of Americans have approved a reduction in the price of prescription drugs, which would save lives in a country where Joe Manchin’s daughter helped raise the price of an epinephrine. Seventy-seven percent of Americans only support paid family and medical leave in an industrialized country, which does not guarantee parental leave. Eighty-seven percent want universal preschool and kindergarten, in a nation that cares only for children in the womb.

Only 54% of Americans approve of Biden’s plan, but when you only mention Medicare and family leave, that number rises to 67%.

Republicans have offered zero plans other than killing Obama Care and replacing it with Regeneron, “God willing” and death.

Healthcare is what helped Democrats win Congress in 2018. Republicans have come up with zero plans other than killing Obama Care and replacing it with Regeneron, “God willing” and death. Why not start with how this plan strengthens Medicare, lowers the cost of prescription drugs and allows parents to pay.

Unlike the GOP, which is always white, occasionally saves Tim Scott, Democrats can use their diverse bodies and allies in the media and send different messengers to different communities. Democrats need a full-fledged media blitzkrieg, right now, to talk to people standing up for the party and its constituencies on every talk show, cable news channel, radio station, podcast, YouTube channel, hell, even Tick ​​tock, start telling Americans. How Biden’s plan will help him and his family. Create simple graphics and videos that influential people on social media platforms can share.

Democrats need to take down their most powerful weapon: President Biden and Vice President Harris, the pair who won more than 81 million votes a year ago. When Manchin and Cinema try to say that they represent the concerns of the “moderate” base, Biden needs to step up and remind everyone that this is his plan, and that he is a moderate who Won the election and the party’s nomination on Bernie Sanders, a progressive candidate.

Biden needs to be the Democrats’ best messenger and asset to his transformation plan. It’s true he’s not Obama on the stumps, and Democrats are worried about his mistakes and his lengthy answers, but the majority didn’t care and voted for him anyway when the alternative was across the United States. I suffered from racism and verbal diarrhea at rallies. .

Let Biden appear. With the late Stephen Colbert. And plan for fellow Americans, starting with a story about Scranton and his family. Let Harris and Sanders go. point of view Together and talk about the need to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and strengthen Medicare. St. Elizabeth Warren, a former teacher, talks about the importance of subsidized pre-K on cable news channels. Release the secret weapon to Democratic Senator John Tester from the Red State of Montana, and let him speak “clearly” to “regular Americans” as to why he supports the plan.

While Democrats and their allies are united in educating and educating the public about Biden’s Bloodback Better Plan, they should also drop the grassroots against Republicans and ask them to pass a popular COVID-aid bill. How to oppose? How come they didn’t come for parental leave? What are their suggestions, if any, to help Americans in poverty? How could he not worry about deficits or expenses when his party was going through an unpopular $ 2. Trillion Tax cuts for the rich that Trump signed and will pay for future generations? Keep attacking them and every one of them who speaks evil. Be bold and don’t admit anything.

When it comes to the price tag, Democrats should keep reminding Americans that it will be paid mostly through taxes on the rich and corporations, a move that has the support of more than two-thirds of Americans, according to a CBS poll. Is.

If Democrats stay focused and committed to the messaging strategy, Biden’s plan could easily reach the 60’s, and the staging, cinema and other obstacles will increase the pressure on Democrats to stand in line, or at least Avoid slaughtering the final agreement.

No story, no sales. Now is the time for Democrats to start messaging and selling.

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