Democrats’ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Gaslighting Is Moving Middle Classes To Republicans

In June 2021, at the height of the Critical Race Theory controversy, I was invited to Waukesha, Wisconsin to give a speech to a crowd of a few hundred people about race in schools and my views on CRT. 600 people attended—twice what the organizers expected.

This was not a Trump rally filled with politically active people; On the contrary, it was the crowd of concerned parents who wanted to learn. They were middle of the road among you, working-class Americans who were watching their public-school systems actively work against them, and they wanted to understand why, and what to do about it.

While the incident centered around the hyper-racialization taking place in CRT and surrounding school districts, I quickly learned that their concerns were far greater than race; They were concerned about the things they believed were being taught to their children about gender and sexual orientation as well. And they weren’t wrong: Since then, these parents have shown me documents school assignments that introduce gender bias and what they see as inappropriate sexual material given or provided to their children.

These are normal, middle class parents with reasonable concerns. but for Listen liberal Media Let’s say, the troubled parents who appeared in school districts across the country were the only racists who were there because Fox News Created moral panic about what is not happening.

I can tell you for the first time how wrong this was, how the media’s elitist arrogance stifled his journalistic curiosity. Instead of talking to the troubled parents, reporters chose to dismiss them over and over again—and even worse, they chose to tell them that what they’re seeing isn’t really there. The mainstream media system prefers gaslighting rather than scrutinizing, especially when it involves the concerns of working class people, as if we are too dumb to understand concepts, speak for us rather than speak with us. And then gaslight us when we get out of line.

And now they’re doing it with Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, which protects children in grades K-3 from education about gender and sexual orientation without a parent’s notice. But the liberal media, in lockstep with Democratic politicians, referred to the bill as a “don’t say gay” bill, although those words do not appear anywhere in the law.

Behind the CRT outrage, like the Florida bill, is a real story about disgruntled parents. Parents who don’t like how public-school systems are enforcing the curriculum didn’t approve of how they’re forcing their kids to wear masks when they thought it was unnecessary . They do not like discussions of sexuality and gender without the prior notice of parents and the hyperbolic nature with which race is being discussed with their children.

But instead of covering these legitimate concerns, the left-leaning mainstream media has turned parental concerns into a partisan political issue, forcing non-political people to step aside and choose a side. He assumed that the sudden wave of parents yelling at school boards was a Republican-funded operation to create panic.

ORLANDO, FL – MARCH 22: Disney employee Nicolas Maldonado holds a sign as he protests outside Walt Disney World on March 22, 2022 in Orlando, Florida. Employees are staging a company-wide walkout today to protest The Walt Disney Company’s response to a controversial law known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Florida.
Octavio Jones / Getty Images

Ironically, the media’s dismissive behavior toward the working class during the past few years has created more non-Democrats than any Republican effort has accomplished.

The political and media establishment of the Democrats has effectively shunned independents and liberals like me by politicizing paternity. Instead of listening to the legitimate concerns of disgruntled parents, he chose to politicize them. The democratic establishment now signals to its progressive electorate to go along with every change deemed positive for social progress, and defeats the slander of those who oppose such drastic changes.

Republican politicians who are aware enough to see abuse happen have happily served the majority. Glenn Youngkin, now the governor of Virginia, spoke about parental concerns within Virginia during his campaign and won a landslide victory. What did his rival Terry McAuliffe do? He constantly talked about Donald Trump, who was not even in office at the time.

Protecting children should not be a political stance. American parents are dissatisfied because they are told they have nothing when their children are in the custody of a public school. But our public schools are supposed to work for us, not the other way around.

After a year of speaking at Waukesha, I returned to the same area and reunited with some of those disgruntled parents. A year ago, there were many housewives who could not understand what was happening around them. Now they are running for local political office and school board seats.

The ignoring and gaslighting of disgruntled parents by Democratic politicians and liberal media elites has energized America’s non-political liberal working class. And it’s sending them straight into the arms of Republicans.

Adam B. Coleman is the author of “Black Victims to Black Victors” and the founder of Wrong Speak Publishing. Follow him on Twitter @wrong_speak.

The views in this article are those of the author.

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