Florida Governor Ron DeSantis put aside his political att*cks on President Biden as both leaders are working together to deal with the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian.

As the storm raged in his state, the Republican presidential candidate declined Wednesday night an invitation to dump Biden in the garbage can.

“I actually talked to the president. He said he wanted to be helpful “ DeSantis said during a Tucker Carlson appearance on Fox News. “So we applied for a 100% refund for the next 60 days. This is a significant support. It’s a serious storm. “

DeSantis, known as the bitter political opponent, chose the way, saying leaders must put politics aside when disaster strikes.

“We live in politicized times, but when people are fighting for their lives when their livelihood is at stake, they have lost everything, if you can’t put politics aside, you won’t be able to,” DeSantis said.

“I will work with anyone who wants to help the people of Southwest Florida and across our state,” he added.

Biden said he would visit Florida and meet DeSantis when “conditions permit.”

“We know many families suffer,” said Biden at the Washington headquarters Federal Emergency Management Agencywhere he was briefed on federal response efforts. “Our whole country hurts from them”

The president spoke in person to DeSantis on Thursday, which he said was “the fourth or fifth time” they were talking about Ian.

Biden also spoke to several Florida mayors and delivered the same message he shared with the governor regarding the federal government’s commitment to help clean up and rebuild: “We are here.”

“We will do whatever we can to provide them with everything they need,” said Biden, adding that his command was for them to summon him directly to the White House with their needs. “They know how to do it.”

Irritatedly, Biden pushed aside the question of whether political tensions with DeSantis could hinder the storm’s response.

“It’s about saving the lives of people, homes and businesses. That’s what it’s all about, ‘he said. “It is not a question of my disagreements with him on other matters.”

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