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Despite warnings against the policy, child prisoners remained locked in cells for almost the entire day.

Children About a year ago, guards warned that keeping young people in their cells for so long was unacceptable.

Okhl Safe Training Center Supervision Report. Milton Keynes. By Offset, Prison inspectorate and Care Quality Commission Warnings that “massive failures” are having a “significant impact” on the care and welfare of child prisoners.

Records published by the center, which currently has 46 boys between the ages of 12 and 17, show that children spend an average of about 19 to 19 hours in their rooms – up to 23 hours on some days. ۔

The inspectors said there were concerns over the accuracy of the centre’s data, which showed that children had spent time locked in their rooms, which could exceed the centre’s report.

It comes 10 months after the inspectors. Immediate warning issued Only the second safest training center in England, Rainsbrook, in rugby, after coming to the fore. Children There, they were incarcerated for 23 and a half hours a day and subjected to “Spartan” rule.

In June this year, the government made that decision. Remove all 45 children Living in other detention settings in prison, then-Secretary of Justice Robert Bookland said he had “no choice” because of “extremely serious failures” at Rainsbrook.

Campaigners say Okhel’s report should be a “final straw” and that the government should close safe training centers to ensure that troubled children are “cared for and assisted”. ۔

Anna McMahon MP, Minister for Victims and Youth Justice, described the youth justice system as a “dangerous pattern of failure” and accused ministers of “repeatedly failing to act on past warnings.”

“Now is the time for the government to independently review the detention of young people,” he said

The new report found that temperatures were “too high” in children’s living units and other parts of Okhel, due to the weather, raising concerns about the boys spending too long in their cells. The atmosphere is favorable during the summer months. For positive care ”

“There was no way to cool the children’s residential units or the staff’s administrative areas. It is extremely painful to live and work in the center,” the report said.

The children said the inspectors’ activities were being canceled at the last minute, which is usually linked to staff shortages. The Centre’s records show that at least staffing levels were not met in July and August 2021 to ensure the safe and proper care of children.

Staff told inspectors that their morale was “very low” and that they did not feel supported by managers. The report notes: “The way the center’s staff encourages children to develop positive attitudes and social skills is flawed.”

The inspectors concluded that the children’s daily experiences were “extremely poor” and that “little progress” had been made because of similar concerns, particularly regarding staff, inspectors had in May 2021 conducted a previous inspection. Were raised during

Andrew Nelson, director of campaigns at the Howard League for Panel Reform, said: I have seen through work in their cells for hours without fresh air or face-to-face education.

The Howard League opposed the creation of safe training centers in the 1990s. Hundreds of boys and girls were harmed and abused in the decades that followed, while private companies took advantage of their suffering.

“This report on Okhel should be the final straw. Now is the time to close safe training centers and ensure that troubled boys and girls receive their care and support.”

A spokesman for Okhel said the safety of children was “the most important”, adding: Under, a significant number of staff was required.

“In these unprecedented circumstances, Okhel’s managers had to adopt a limited operating system, including distance education from their children’s rooms.”

He said that since the offset visit, Okhel’s operating government for children has “improved” and in the past month children have been able to spend an average of 12 hours a day in their rooms and “restore” education in classrooms. Has been

The Ministry of Justice has been contacted for comment.

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