‘Dexter’ Was Dead In The Water Until It Was Given ‘New Blood’ With Sequel

When right 2013 ended, many fans weren’t happy with how the story ended for the serial killer (played by Michael C. Hall).

But Dexter: New Blood He’s managed to change all that by addressing and correcting past mistakes, as well as casting the spotlight on highlights from the original show.

Briefly, at the end of the series, Dexter Morgan leaves his son Harrison with new love Hannah (Yvonne Strahovsky), removes his sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) from life support, and causes his death by storming his boat. Played.

The original show ended with Dexter living under a presumed identity, and the story left things ambiguous in ways that, as well as the less-than-stellar episodes that preceded it, made it less satisfying.

But now Dexter: New Blood He is here to fix everything.

**Warning: This article contains spoilers Dexter: New Blood, including the show’s finale**

Debra’s Participation

Debra died in season 8 of the original series, but was brought back new blood In a very interesting way: She became Dexter’s Dark Passenger.

She serves as a physical expression of her guilty conscience after the events. dexter, And instead of feeding into his desire to kill, it is a buffer for him to analyze everything he does or says that might harm others.

At first, it was good for Carpenter to return to the show in some fashion, because she was just as necessary. right as the hall was; And secondly, Debra appearing in this way gives more depth to the story as it helps to show Dexter’s inner struggle as well as the conflict he brings to life.

Carpenter certainly succeeded in the role as she got to explore a more aggressive and unobstructed version of Debra. His conversation with Hall was definitely the highlight. new blood.

In terms of plot, Debra’s involvement as Dexter’s dark passenger also served to make the serial killer a more complete character.

Harrison and Dexter

After the death of his wife Rita (Julie Benz) in Season 4 and Debra in Season 8, the most important person in Dexter’s life is Harrison (Jack Alcott).

Harrison was, of course, very young during the events of the original series and the one thing Dexter always worried about was whether he would exhibit the same deep desires as her.

Because of this, it made sense for Harrison to be a big part of Dexter’s life. new blood, And their relationship is the heart of the limited series.

Harrison is angered by Dexter leaving, and the pair struggle to reconnect as the latter is so used to hiding his true self that he can’t even be honest with his son.

In the end, Dexter opens up to Harrison and reveals the truth: that he targets criminals who escaped their misdeeds and that he brings them “justice”.

At first, Harrison becomes involved with Dexter in his secret life after learning the truth and he doesn’t turn away from his father for it, something that added to their relationship, even though it was poor parenting on Dexter’s part. .

The dynamic between the pair also makes their relationship one of the most interesting on the show, and it allows Dexter to appear more human—even when he’s trying to make his son in his image.

Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan in “Dexter: New Blood”, the limited series helped to make up for the poor ending of the original series.
sisia pavo/showtime

Bringing back old memories and removing past mistakes

Harrison’s arrival at Iron Lake allowed the limited series to address the original’s past mistakes as well as bring back its best moments.

When he arrives at Dexter’s door, Harrison shares what happened with Hannah, revealing that they ‘died’ together in Argentina and remained there until her death from cancer.

Hannah was not the best influence on Dexter in the original series: she was a serial killer just like him and when she became his target they became romantically involved instead.

Her introduction in Season 7 was the start of a number of problems in the show’s later episodes, which lasted until the show ended on its own sour note, and promptly kicked her out of the picture. new blood Made sure the same problem wouldn’t happen again.

Actually, new blood The latter shied away from the events of the season, believing them enough to show that they were still relevant to Dexter’s life but not so much that they remained in the minds of viewers long enough.

Instead of bringing out the wrong stories, new blood Focused on highlights from the original, namely Seasons 2 and 4.

Season 2 saw Dexter Frame Sergeant James Dokes (Eric King) as the unrepentant Butcher, while Season 4 featured John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer, who murdered Harrison’s mother in front of him and appeared in the original show. Dexter was arguably the best assassin to go up against. ,

These seasons had high marks dexter, And fans are reminded of him through flashbacks, Harrison’s internal struggles, and Police Chief Angela Bishop’s (Julia Jones) investigation into the relentless Butcher case.

By bringing them back that way and revisiting them in the original via flashback, and with cameos from the original cast, it allows viewers to be reminded of a time when right It was still good, rather than how disappointing it got towards the end.

Dexter finally gets what he deserves

A major mistake of the original series was that it did not give a definitive conclusion to Dexter’s story, choosing instead to keep things open so that the character could be revisited in the future.

It might have made sense for the writers to leave him that way after countless seasons of evading murder and evading police detection, but it was unsatisfactory because Dexter’s escape felt like a cop-out.

new blood That changes all as it comforts the character, literally, by having him die at the hands of Harrison.

Given all these horrific actions from the original series so far, Dexter had to get what he deserved in some form or another, and killing him was one way to do that.

Now that he’s dead, that means right has finally come to a conclusion that is gratifying for fans, because at least the limited series isn’t just obscured by it.

Dexter: New Blood is available to stream on Showtime now.