Dibo Samuel Extension price climbs as WR market bounces

Davante Adams leaves Aaron Rodgers. Tyrek Hill cheated on Patrick Mahomes. Money and happiness are called elsewhere.

Deebo Samuel? He’ll eventually get his fortune like those fellow All-Pro wide receivers, but he shouldn’t bail on forced marriages with the 49ers or Trey Lance.

Samuel, judging by his social media posts, is well aware that his stock is increasing day by day. Or, by trade. Adams and Hill have redeemed the Raiders and Dolphins respectively after the trades.

So, it’s just a matter of when Samuel will make it rich, and how much patience he exercises until his tab is due out this summer, more or less in the $25 million annual range. At this rate, bet on more.

49ers general manager John Lynch, in reference to upcoming contract extensions for Samuel and 2019 top pick Nick Bosa, “have been budgeted for.”

Besides sneaking in on an essential cornerback (Charvarius Ward), why aren’t the 49ers spending wildly and making big trade like half the league? Look no further than Samuel and Bossa, and look at the deals of the 49ers who retained Pro Bowl talent in Trent Williams, Kyle Juszcic, Fred Warner, and George Kittel.

April 18 is when the 49ers’ off-season schedule can begin. Samuel shows up?

He needs to extend Lance’s first offseason to further his leadership role and, more imperatively, pick up all first-team reps. (Yes, Jimmy Garoppolo is still on the roster and may be in training camp, but shoulder surgery will keep him off the field this spring. His $27 million cap figure isn’t a hindrance to free agency, not to mention if you’ve noticed. That’s how this regime removes dollars from 2017.)

If Samuel boycotts, it’s a business decision, justified by the money that’s raining around the NFL right now.

Kittel and Warner, the two other domestic All-Pros, showed up for the 2020 and ’21 off-season workouts and waited for their 49ers’ extensions to arrive as training camp began, respectively.

Wide receivers are a different animal. more money. More bragging rights. More competition among peers. And Samuel keeps doing more and more work for Kyle Shanahan’s 49ers, all of which have led him to the NFC Championship Game in two of his three seasons.

Pass rushers like Bossa are rare, so they command more loot than wide receivers. But maybe that gap is closing. The NFL’s surprisingly active quarterback market — aside from the inactive 49ers and injured Garoppolo — has given way to astonishing wealth for wide receivers.

Samuel qualified for a new deal this offseason, as did fellow 2019 Draft products AJ Brown (Titans), DK Metcalf (Seahawks), Terry McLaurin (Commanders), Marquis Brown (Ravens), Hunter Renfro (Raiders) and Dionte. Johnson (Steelers). ) Sure, it’s all for the budget, isn’t it?

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