Discover Maya eSIM: Our exclusive in-depth review

Today we are personally testing eSIM Maya. Forget old school SIM cards; eSIM means smarter travel.

For starters, let's break down how this eSIM can make your life on the go easier and your wallet happier.

Why use eSIM?

Think of eSIM as your helper in the world. Affordable? Cheque. Reliable? Recheck. The eSIM is perfect for sending beach selfies to friends or providing reliable data so you don't get lost in a new city.

Curious? Check Maya eSIM plans and pricing here.

Say goodbye to crazy roaming charges, the hassle of swapping physical SIM cards, finding free public Wi-Fi, or playing a not-so-fun game “Will my SIM card work here?with network compatibility.

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And here's the cool part: Using an eSIM means you can snag sweet data deals and roll in roaming charges. Travel data? Sorted!

Maya eSIM review

In this Maya eSIM review, we test Maya eSIM ourselves and also look at Maya eSIM data plans to see if it's a good choice for you.

Let's get started!

What is Maya mobile?

Maya Mobile is a US-based mobile data company under the umbrella of Maya Virtual, Inc., USA Corporation #5906164 (Delaware), headquartered in Delaware, USA.

Is your phone compatible with Maya eSIM?

Okay, gadget lovers, listen up! Here's an overview of which devices are compatible with eSIM. Do you have a device that is not on our list? Sorry, this means it is disabled for Maya Mobile eSIM packages.

Check here if your phone is compatible with Maya eSIM.

You can also use Maya eSIM with compatible smartwatches, tablets and laptops!

Check if your smartwatch, tablet or laptop is compatible with the Maya eSIM card.

A screenshot of the Maya mobile home page

How to get a Maya eSIM

Obtaining a Maya eSIM is a simple process that is done entirely online.

Here's the solution to installing an eSIM: It won't kick your current phone plan to the curb. Instead, it is added as a secondary data plan. The best part? You're the boss – turn it on or off whenever you want. Easily!

What eSIM cards does Maya offer?

In the region where you need data, you can choose a Maya eSIM plan with an unlimited monthly or prepaid eSIM plan.

Maya eSIM destinations and sample prices

How much does Maya eSIM cost?

The cost of your Maya eSIM depends on the specific plan you get. There are 194 destinations to choose from. You can also get regional eSIM plans for the US, Europe, Asia, South America and the Caribbean.

Check Maya eSIM plans and pricing here.

Here are a few plans and prices to give you an idea of ​​Maya pricing:

  • US unlimited 5 days data transfer $19
  • US unlimited 30 days data transfer $59
  • Europe Unlimited 10 Day Pass $34
  • Europe Unlimited 30 Day Pass $59

Is Maya eSIM's unlimited internet speed limited?

Yes, unlimited plans are limited. The most affordable 5-day unlimited US plan ($19) has the first 2GB of daily high-speed data, and then data is capped at 1Mbps unlimited LTE data.

Maya eSIM Canada prices

Since we're in Canada right now, we looked at Canadian eSIM plans. Any Canadian will tell you that Canadian mobile and data plans are terribly expensive!

The most affordable Canadian plan was 5-day 1GB data for $7.

The most expensive Canadian plan was the 30-day unlimited Max plan at $219. What's great about this plan is that it includes a Wi-Fi hotspot, so it's fantastic for a group. The data in the plan is limited – after the first 5 GB of daily high-speed data, the next use is unlimited LTE data at a speed of 1 Mbps.

Where does Maya have eSIM coverage?

Wondering where eSIM Maya works? You can get Maya eSIM in 194 destinations worldwide.

Here is a useful Maya eSIM coverage map.

How to activate eSIM

Once you've purchased an eSIM, follow these steps:

  • a QR code is delivered to your email
  • scan the QR code on your device and follow the email instructions to install the eSIM on your phone
  • automatically connect to Maya mobile internet

I tried the Maya eSIM and here's what I thought

Maya says setting up your travel eSIM should only take five minutes, so we put it to the test.

It's our policy to test every product we review to provide a personal and hands-on view of how they work in the real world. No product, no review. Simple.

To try out the Maya eSIM, I got a 10GB plan for Canada.

Maya eSIM Canada 5 days data transfer 10 gigabytes $37

Their website says installing an eSIM is as easy as scanning a QR code and following the prompts to automatically connect your Maya eSIM, but it's really so easy?

Spoiler: Well, it's not quite so simple, but it's pretty seamless!

Once I received the email confirming my Maya eSIM email, I opened the email on my laptop and scanned the QR code using my phone's camera app. There was a prompt in my camera app asking me to do this Add plan to phone. I clicked on it and the eSIM started to install automatically.

I then followed the instructions in the email and activated Data roaming. On my Samsung Galaxy Android phone, I found it in Settings > Connection > Mobile networks.

Maya eSIM enables data roaming on a Samsung Galaxy Android phone

I then activated the Maya eSIM and clicked on settings to make it my primary SIM card (for me on my Android Galaxy phone it was in Settings > Connection > SIM manager).

How long does it take to activate your plan?

And boom, my eSIM was installed and ready to use. The entire installation process took less than five minutes.

Maya eSIM will enable SIM and set as primary on Samsung Galaxy Android phone

To be fair, since the eSIM was activated in Canada and anything related to Canadian mobile carriers is annoying (if you're Canadian, you know), there was one extra manual step (that you probably won't have to deal with in other destinations). You will probably skip this step, but I had to go for it Settings > Connection > Mobile networks and modify access point names, which only took an extra minute.

I then followed the instructions in the email and restarted the phone. It took about 20 minutes for the data to work after that, but that's something you have to deal with none SIM activation here in Canada (and possibly other places too).

And I was up and running with blazing fast 5G data!

How fast is the internet on Maya eSIM?

I immediately ran a speed test and the data download speed with the Maya eSIM was 31.3 Mbps, which is pretty good! I really didn't expect it to be so fast!

Maya eSIM 5G data plan speed test

Can I add multiple plans to one eSIM?

Yes! Maya Mobile eSIM allows you to mix and match data plans in different countries or regions. Plans have an expiration date, but the eSIM will remain in your device.

Close up of a woman's hand using her mobile phone in a station, station background

Want to upgrade or change your plan?

Do you need to change your tariff or more data?

No sweat. Jump into your Maya mobile account and tweak your schedule or dates with just a few clicks.

Stylish young woman with Christmas tree taking selfie in Paris

Maya eSIM: My Final Verdict

So what did I think of the Maya eSIM? I really liked that it was a US based company.

In my test, the eSIM installed quickly and without any problems, and the speed was fast (5G!).

Let's take a closer look at the Maya eSIM, highlighting the pros and cons to give you a clear idea of ​​what to expect:


  1. Global connectivity: With eSIM Maya Mobile you can connect in 194 countries.
  2. Flexible tariffs: Whether you need a quick data fix or unlimited surfing, Maya offers a variety of plans.
  3. Compatibility with new devices: If you have a newer phone model, chances are it's compatible with Maya eSIM, so it's a convenient option.
  4. Easy setup: Getting started with Maya eSIM is a breeze. In our test, it took about five minutes to install the eSIM on our device.
  5. No SIM needed: No physical SIM card to bother with so less chance of losing my main SIM card or even ever having to remove my original SIM card or find a paper clip to open the SIM tray. Quick turn on or off.


  1. Limited device compatibility: Older phones may not play well with eSIM technology. So unless you're using a newer model, you may need to check compatibility first, but this will apply to none eSIM.
  2. Variable coverage and speed: Because Maya depends on local carriers, your Internet experience may vary. In some places it will be smooth; in others not so much, but again it will be true none company and speeds are carrier dependent, not due to eSIM.
  3. Customer support channels: Need help? You'll be relying on email and in-app messaging, as Maya doesn't have direct phone support or live chat capabilities.

Do I recommend eSIM Maya?

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my eSIM Maya. Installation and activation was quick and easy and I have quick and actionable data. It's important to me.

Check Maya eSIM plans and pricing here.

In short, Maya eSIM offers a wide range of data plans in 194 destinations and user-friendly features, making it a strong contender for travelers.

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