Discovery’s Henry Schleif wishes he included stories ‘influential on society today’

murder time on television

Henry Schleif runs Discovery ChannelTravel Channel, Crime Channel and other channels So – the question is – why does TV do so many police shows?

Schleiff: “True crime is high stakes, life and death, the bad guy to be caught. Fascinating, engaging, compelling stories. Add a catchy ‘Wives with Knives’ or ‘Southern Fried Homicide’ interesting title. A compelling host and clever addition to the thread Marketing perspective is involved.

“It is the front page of a newspaper. CourtTV’s attraction was OJ, JonBenet, the Menendez brothers. It is not difficult for viewers to watch this material endlessly.

“You may hate OJ personally but guilt drives passion. It skewers more women 25 than 54 because of their instincts.

“There is occasional dissatisfaction with our coverage but we show respect to the victims and, with sensitivity, ask those close to us to allow us into their families.

“Hopefully, today’s technology and forensics will eventually lead to the unsolved case of JonBenet and whoever is responsible for his death.

“My regret is doing wasteful stories that are influential on society today – like domestic abuse. And 400 mass shootings this year.

Jonbenet Ramsey In Pageant Dress.
Schleif said he hopes today’s technology can provide answers in the unsolved JonBenet Ramsey murder.
Mark Fix / Zuma Press

“You can’t drive a tank down the road. Not allowed. It’s military equipment. Why isn’t a shoulder missile launcher also classified as permitted military equipment? Want to use it? Join the military. That’s it. Don’t let anyone enter a store or school with it and kill kids, people, whatever moves.

It’s prime time for ‘murder’

Considering the catastrophe of the murder, Hulu got Martin Short’s “Only Murders in the Building”. It’s shooting/killing them, lying about how they die and getting knocked over in their Upper West Side upper high-class upper type lift. , , Also John Lithgow’s “Dexter” returns again, where the good John is not a good killer.

Plus, we got a corpse of tales of police corruption, international intrigue, murder, spies, stab ’em grabs and just plain old slash and murderer for us to watch before bedtime. Q: What could be better for our children?

Finding ‘Beast’ Mode

stop. More. Idris ElbasNext is “animals”. Lion country. The safari went to the toilet. The big cat wants to eat the good doctor and his daughters.

Idris Elba Poses For Photographers At The Photo Call For The Film 'Three Thousand Years Of Longing' At The 75Th International Film Festival Of Cannes, Southern France, Saturday, May 21, 2022.
Idris Elba stars in survivalist thriller, ‘Beast’.
Viaan Le Carr/InVision/AP

Elba: “They come to this village. animal area. The great evil lion does not want humans to destroy its landscape. he is smart. to compute. this is the first. The thrill ride doesn’t stop. ,

Correct. It’s Universal Pictures. Roars in theaters on 19th.

hometown hit

Tomorrow for Tony Bennett’s 96th birthday, singers Larry and Amanda Meyers take their “Tony and the Lady” revue to Vegas, New York, and on the street. An uptick in history to keep their music, memory and Gaga duets alive. , , And apologies to coworker Steve Cuozzo, who started eating out while still in utero I just visited in an Italian restaurant. Preferred Chase Palminary on West 46th and Dew on Third Avenue and East 79th. just sayin’.

Tony Bennett Performs At The Opening Ceremony Of The Statue Of Liberty Museum On May 15, 2019 In New York.
Native New Yorker Tony Bennett will turn 96 on August 3.
Ivan Agostini / InVision / AP

Judge to accused: “In addition to stealing money, you took watches, jewelry, diamond rings and pearls.” Prisoner: “Yes, Hon. I was taught that money alone does not bring happiness.”

Only in New York, children, only in New York.

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