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Disney World’s Star Wars Hotel receives its Marvel Comics.

Window view of the Helicon galaxy Star Cruiser flying through space.۔

Have you ever seen a space hotel before?
Screenshot: Disney / Lucasfilm.

From the makers of Star Wars: Theme Park: Comic Book.Comes now Star Wars: Theme Park: Hotel: Comic Book.!

Yes , Ridiculously expensive Star Wars Caspley experience Known as the Galactic Starcruiser, the hotel is coming soon Star Wars: The Galaxy Edge. The Walt Disney World area in Orlando, Florida (the Black Spire outpost on the planet Batu) is also receiving a series of comic books from Marvel. Title given. Star Wars: The Galaxy Star Cruiser: The Hellion Legacy, Explain the full history of comedy in detail. Halsion.Of course he has one. And this is one. Long Date too.

Helson Legacy # 1 by Core Art EM Gist.۔

Helsion Legacy. # 1.Of Cover art by EM Gist.
Image: Marvel / Lucasfilm.

she is. بوریگا۔ Vicky Jedi on the first cover of the comic, and if you’re thinking, “Hey, I thought that was part of Boriga. High Republic. Series Which occurs hundreds of years before the original. Star Wars The trilogy, “and then followed it, recalling the idea,” Wait, shouldn’t the Galaxy Edge Park The last serious. And The rise of Skywalker.? “Then you’re right in both issues. Apparently, Halison is a very old Star Cruiser, which strikes me as strange because of how often and regularly the Starship is updated during Skywalker story events. Of course, Canon says there was a serious training ship called the Crucible that had been in operation for hundreds of years, but it was only used to carry young people. According to some action seen.

“Voices of the Greatest People on All-Star Cruisers!

  • “As the legendary HALCYON embarks on a major cruise, the ship moves toward collision with the first order!
  • “But what secret of the High Republican Era can help passengers and crew after all these years?”
  • “And how did JEDI NIBS and BURRY stop the NIHIL attack on one of the ship’s first voyages?”

Basically, I’m thinking. Halsion. Secretly there is a close delete trap that keeps a wrong laser from exploding in space at any moment. Which makes the price tag even more ridiculous.

Written by Ethan Sax and with the art of Will Cellini, who did just that. The edge of the galaxy. Humor together, Number five Star Wars: The Galaxy StarCraiser: The Hellion Legacy. The meniscus will arrive next year, as will the hotel itself.


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