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Disneyland takes the next step in bringing back great shows from live shows and nightlife.

Disneyland is preparing to take the next step in bringing back live shows and nightly spectacles that draw large crowds as part of a phased reopening after a year-long Corona virus outbreak that has so far Extensive theatrical entertainment is not included.

The “Disney Junior Dance Party” returns to its indoor theater at Disney’s California Adventures in Hollywood on Friday, October 15, after a 19-month hiatus due to the long epidemic closure of Anaheim Theme Park and the continuing health and safety of COVID-19. Will come Concerns

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The “Disney Junior Dance Party” indoor stage show is designed for preschool and grade school children, featuring songs, dances and theater sketches based on Disney Junior television shows featuring Dr. Mac Stephens, Vampirena, Mickey Mouse and Includes mini-mouse-like characters.

The returning children’s show will be presented in a modified form to allow physical distance between the visitors and the actors. Parents will be sitting with their children on the carpeted floor of the indoor theater – a change in the seating arrangements for the parents who were sitting on the bench seats at the back of the theater.

The return of the “Disney Junior Dance Party” will feature the Royal Theater Storytelling Show at Fantasyland for Disney’s Anheim theme parks, as well as DCA’s Hyperion Theater and Disneyland’s Fantasyland Theater, as well as “Fantasmic” and “World of Color”. Set the stage for Nighttime spectacles since the parks reopened are beyond COVID-19 physical distance concerns.

Disneyland and DCA have been slow to bring back live entertainment that frees large crowds from the constant worries of social distance-especially with young children who have yet to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Are not eligible.

DCA used the Disney Junior Indoor Theater when the park reopened for a wave of socially distant character and game interaction. Disney Junior Theater is currently hosting the “Mickey Truck and Treat” live show. Ogi boogie bash. Hours later Halloween events with character performances, video projection and special effects.

State guidelines were issued when California theme parks were allowed to reopen limited live shows and performances in April, and outdoor settings and indoor rides were limited to 15 minutes due to COVID-19 health and safety concerns. Most of the Cove 19 sanctions were lifted in June when state officials reopened the California economy after more than a year of epidemic lockdowns.

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure have adopted a slow and unpredictable approach to bringing live entertainment back to halt after epidemics have stopped.

Socially distant character. Wave and game interaction Traditional close-ups and greetings throughout the parks were replaced by hugs and shouts, while Disney characters also took part. Money parade caravan With Main Street USA.

Fireworks returned. The Fourth of July offers pyrotechnics on weekends and video projections with “Mickey Mix Magic”, showcasing lighting and laser during the week.

During the summer, Deeper dance., Bootstrapers, Five & Dime, Perley Band and other environmental entertainment have brought live music back to the parks with small moves that attracted small crowds.

The horrific amusement parade during the Oggy Boogie Bash marked the first time DCA or Disneyland held a parade since the Anaheim theme parks closed in March 2020. Merist Nights. Hours after hours at Disneyland in November and December.

The return of the “Disney Junior Dance Party” paves the way for Disneyland to bring back the Royal Theater storytelling show at Fantasyland’s Fantasy Fair – another small theater production designed for families with young children.

The 20-minute outdoor stage shows at the Royal Theater tell fast-paced versions of the “tangled” and “beauty and the best” stories.

Disneyland has used the Royal Theater as a meeting and greeting place where Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Molan and other Disney princesses strike and wave from afar.

The outdoor social distance wave and sports interaction have replaced indoor meeting and great venues in Disneyland and DCA where the characters of Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars have traditionally embraced visitors and grouped. Welcome to the photo.

Small live shows such as Disney Jr. and the Royal Theater, as well as large-scale theatrical productions of Indoor Character Meeting & Great and spectators are expected to return to Disneyland and DCA at night, attracting large crowds. ۔

Walt Disney World – which reopened in July 2020 after very few epidemic closures under the Florida Cowboys 19 ban – has been much better at bringing back entertainment and nighttime spectacle than its West Coast counterparts. Has been fast.

The Broadway-style “Beauty and the Beast” live stage show returned to Disney’s Hollywood studios in August, while the new “harmony” The night got off to a great start in Epcot in October as part of the Florida theme parks’ 50th anniversary celebrations. Disney World Parks will bring back Indoor Character Meeting and Great in November.

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