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Doctors and scientists attacked Johnson over his “criminal” Independence Day plan

More than 1,200 leading doctors and scientists have signed a letter condemning it Boris JohnsonDeciding to go ahead with the so-called Independence Day on July 19, describing it as unscientific and immoral.

Last week, the Alliance of Medical Experts published a memo in the medical journal Lancet, Branding government plans as “dangerous and premature”.

It called Mr Johnson’s strategy “a herd exemption from mass infection” and said the opening of the country should be delayed until “everyone, including teenagers, is offered a vaccine.” It is not done and the amount is not high. ”

The letter is now signed by 1,246 doctors and scientists around the world.

Sir David King, a former chief scientific adviser and chair of the Independent Sage, dropped his support for the letter, calling the government’s strategy “completely wrong.”

He told Daily Express“It is unbelievable that the UK government should pursue a herd exemption strategy that would result in thousands of unnecessary deaths and severe long-term illnesses when the vaccination program has progressed so much.

“As we have said for over a year, this strategy is completely wrong and does not reflect the best scientific or medical advice.”

On Monday, Mr. Johnson announced that most Covid Lockdown restrictions will be lifted despite corona virus infections, despite an increase of up to 35,000 per day. Matters are expected to escalate further in the coming weeks.

The publication of the letter involved a group of scientists Lancet The government’s epidemic plan said “millions of people are facing severe and long-term effects of large-scale infection,” a statement issued Tuesday said.

The letter added that the strategy, which selects large-scale infections in children and young people, protects vulnerable people in the winter, rather than vaccinating their young people against polio. Take time out, immoral and unscientific.

The statement also said that the epidemic plan was in jeopardy “putting a strain on a long-coveted breed, the long-term consequences of which are unknown.”

Chief Richard Horton, Chief Editor LancetThe chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitey, and the chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Wallace, said they were “shocked” that their concerns had not been made public.

He added: “The misunderstanding you saw from both of them, from the prime minister to the prime minister, in trying to speed up their decision, I think, is to give up their independent role as government advisers.”

Dr. Horton said that Professor Whitty’s statement that “there is a great deal of agreement in the scientific community” was absolutely wrong.

“I am afraid I will have to conclude that the chief medical officer is deliberately misrepresenting scientific opinion across the country, and it is unusual to observe this,” he said.

Dr. Helen Salisbury, a GP, Oxford University lecturer and columnist for British Medical Journal (BMJ), said: “I do not understand why the government would choose a viral infection related to herding immunity when it can get immunity from the herd through vaccination. I think it is the culprit.

The Department of Health and Social Care has been contacted for comment.

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