The future of one of the favorite meeting places for Disneyland fans is in question. However, this is not a physical space at Disneyland Resort. It’s Twitter.

Twitter and other social media channels have supported Disney Parks’ large, active and growing fan communities for years. Many pundits and analysts are speculating about the future of Twitter now with Elon Musk taking control. What could the changes to Twitter mean for Disneyland fans who spend so much time and attention on the social network?

Ultimately, the decision is up to Disneyland fans. Whether you love Disneyland or not, the way you use social media ultimately determines how positive or negative those networks will be for you and the rest of society.

I always roll my eyes when I see a Twitter profile declaring that “retweets are not recommendations”. How naive. Retweets are absolutely recommendations. Like likes, comments, and clicks. Anything representing your involvement with a tweet or any other social media post signals to this social media company’s algorithm that it is a post that the algorithm should encourage to other readers.

Social media algorithms are based on the stereotype that the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. Posts that elicit indifference – as measured by a lack of shares, likes, and comments – get buried. Do you want to be widely shown instead? Better to include something that triggers a reaction. What this reaction is ultimately doesn’t matter.

Most of us have learned at a very young age that the quickest and surest way to elicit a reaction is to do something to make people angry. The more nervous they get, the more extreme the reactions.

This is what drives social networks today. This is why the fan networks that come into contact with these networks often become toxic. Algorithms reward voices that offer emotionally charged hot shots while mutes others that offer more thoughtful nuances.

But social networks are ultimately‚Ķ social. Algorithms can be programmed to promote engagement, but ultimately users are in control of what they engage with. If you don’t want to promote ignorant, hateful or offensive content, don’t respond to it. Don’t forward or share it with condemnation. Don’t read or fully watch it. Measurable indifference is our defense against toxic social media when our algorithms are ruled by engagement rates.

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